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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adda Latta Daniw A Masurat/ There's Always A Poem Written

(Author's Note: Thank God, we're alive and well...Today is a peaceful, serene Tuesday. All is calm; all is quiet. I ponder at what Mother Nature can do to keep us all still, to remind us to take time to live our lives and appreciate the beauty of Nature. The day after yesterday's wintry, snowy Monday in Hampton Roads, I have been inspired to scribble this poem (originally thought of in Ilokano language but at the same time translated into English as I continued writing it) while in my bedroom, with  the blinds in one of the windows (in my bedside) open. Seeing snow blanketing everywhere in our area---our backyard and others' in the neighborhood, the school playground, school buildings and houses---I'm quite amazed and very much inspired to compose this poem. There's that feeling of profound wonder and contentment about life and the world I live in as I tried to capture my thoughts in words. Here's me, now, sharing with you what I've written today. Thanks, everyone,  for reading/visiting my blog.)

Adda Latta Daniw A Masurat/ There's Always A Poem Written

Adda latta daniw a masurat/ There's always a poem written
Iti ania man a pasamak a dumteng/ In whatever situation that occurs
Iti lubongtayo a mangliwengliweng./ In our world that's overwhelming.

Agtudo wenno aginit/ Rain or shine
Layus wenno tikag/ Flood or drought
Naurnos wenno nawara/ Orderly or cluttery
Nagulo wenno natalna/ Dangerous or peaceful
Naariwawa wenno naulimek nga aglawlaw/ Noisy or calm environment
Adda latta daniw a masurat./ There's always a poem written.

Kas ita nga agdama/ Like now, the present moment
Ti nalamiis a puraw inulesanna ti aglawlaw/ The cold snow has blanketed the ground
Adda simbeng ken talinaay a marikna/ There's peace and quiet feeling
A saan a pulos mailadawan/ That can never be described
Malaksid iti daniw a maputar./ Except in a poem created.

Matunawton dagiti niebe/ Melted will the snow be
A mangpedped mawaw a daga/ That will quench the parch land
Ket rumsua baro a parsua/ Then spring forth a new life
A mangted linglingay ken namnama./ Giving joy and hope.
Addanto latta daniw a masurat./ There will always be a poem written.

(c) 2014 by Chris A. Quilpa

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