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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Good Feeling

Thanks to God! I'm alive and feeling good to be out there by our backyard while the sun is up. I did go out to water our apple trees and a pear tree. And my wife did join me, while I was watering them, and pulling out some weeds. It's such a wonderful feeling when the body and mind work together, or are in balance!

There's always that feeling of contentment, despite all the unpleasant happenings around us, inside and out, and in other parts of the world. Amidst the insurmountable changes and challenges we face each day, we continue to struggle and survive, to do what we have to do to make our life better. We all age and grow, as we continue to live.We overcome one obstacle after another for as long as we have hope.  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Insomnia Revisited

It's a few minutes past three, at dawn, today, and I couldn't sleep no more. I tried, though, but to no avail. I got up, feeling tired and wobbly, but I managed to slowly inch my way to the restroom in our room, to empty my bladder. (I don't want my wife to wake up for she's in her deep sleep.) Then, I went back to bed, trying to get back to sleep. But I couldn't. So, I prayed the holy rosary, silently or mentally, using my fingers for counting the decades and the Hail Marys. After praying, I attempted to get back to sleep. (My wife is in slumber, as I write this post. How I envy her!)

Ah, insomnia or sleeplessness revisited, an old problem of mine way back when I was in college in the Philippines! This has been one of my medical problems for years. Medications to aid me? I've taken them before but I don't remember their names. But, one of them I'm so familiar with it, because it's prescribed by one of my doctors. But, I just don't take it frequently because of fear of getting addicted, you know. In fact, as much as possible, I don't want to take drugs or medicine. I admit, I hate taking into my system any kind of drugs or medicine that's chemical or synthetic, unless it's necessary for my health and well-being. And that helps me in my quality of life.  

So, what do I do if I can't fall sleep or go back to sleep? Here I am, writing on this blog entry. That's how I utilize my time productively, I guess.

Why I can't fall asleep, after two or three hours of sleep? I don't know. Something bothering me? Not much, except a minor glitch in our financial status since summer 2011 started. Yes, money is tight, this time. But, my wife and I have been trying to manage paying our bills and other obligations, like pre-payment college tuition plan for our daughter, who'll be fourth year this Fall and graduating next year, Class of 2012. (It's good that we've built equity for our houses, the one we're living in, and the one that's a rental property.) And, we're hanging in there. I know, we're not the only one having this problem, especially this summer. I know for a fact that it's an ongoing problem for many, too, especially this trying times of downward economy. But, we're hanging in there. We're optimistic that we'll overcome this challenge in our family. Hopefully and prayerfully, we'll recover, once the school year starts. (My wife, by the way, has been a classroom teacher for over a decade, but she's a ten-month (a year) salaried employee in a public school in Hampton Roads.) Thanks to God that we have our caring family members, my siblings in other states, especially my Big Sister, and our friends around the area here, like the Rileys. And, yet, I have difficulty going back to sleep after I have slept for a couple of hours. I don't know, but I'm a light sleeper. That has been the case for years, since I got involved in that six-car accident way back in 1990, while in other state. But, I somehow try my best to manage my health well, despite the medical conditions I have had (as a result of that MVA or motor vehicle accident).

It's almost six in the morning and yet I don't have that feeling of sleepiness. Well, then, I have to continue using the 'net, and continue blogging, unless something comes up. Our house, meanwhile, is quiet, except for the outside sounds I hear, because our not-noise-proof windows that we have (They are as old as our house; they haven't been replaced yet since 1997! Aha, now, we're looking at another home project, for home improvement?)

Going back to my main topic, I guess, I just have to deal with it, if I can, without resorting to a sleep medication, like Ambien? No, I don't feel like taking this medicine at this time, even if I have one, unless I'm so desperate that it affects my health condition so much. No way! I have to think positive and my insomnia will go away, someday, perhaps. What do you think?

Now, the alarm-clock-radio in our room has sounded off---set to NPR (National Public Radio) News' Morning Edition. Okay, I've got to stop now, wake up my wife (who said last night that I've got to wake her up because she has to help administer SOL (Standards of Learning) test to her summer tutorial students  this morning. Well, folks, until next time around. And, as always, thanks for your time.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getting Together, After Church

I woke up early at a few minutes past 4:00 o'clock this morning to use the restroom. My wife was in her slumber. I couldn't get back to sleep anymore, after praying the rosary silently. I was "nibbling" (or munching) probably ten pieces of that Ritz crackers (A Hint of Salt), while I was on the 'net, trying to find out what's the latest Philippine and world news, via Manila Bulletin online, and researching about Nora Aunor (who is currently there, after eight years of living in California, to do a TV series and a historical movie on the life of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the Philippines' first president, per news reports.)

Preparing to go to church, I took a bath-shower after using the restroom, at around 8:00 o'clock. I didn't wake my wife yet who was still in bed. I thought of waking her up thirty minutes after. After getting dressed, I woke her up so she could prepare herself for the Sunday Mass. No, she decided not to take a shower, this time, the fact that she feels like she has some symptoms of the colds. She took the initiative to go wake up our two young adult kids in their respective room. That way they're also gonna be prepared for the church.

At 9:00 o'clock, we left the house for the 9:30 AM Sunday Mass in our parish. My wife and I were scheduled to do the Cup as Extraordinary Ministers for Holy Communion. Father David Cupps, our parish priest/pastor of clustered parishes, officiated the Mass, with the assistance of a visiting seminarian by the name of Danny Cogut  who delivered the homily. But before the homily, Fr. David announced to the congregation that today is the last day of Bro. Danny. (Revealing to us that his mom is Filipino/Filipino American (FilAm) he, therefore, considers himself half-Filipino. That's what he said to us when I asked him if he's a FilAm because of his looks. Yes, we had a chance to talk with him when we attended a reception in his honor, at the start of summer, one Sunday morning after Mass. We learned that he's with us for the duration of summer, to gain more church life experience. He also mentioned that his family, they reside in northern Virginia. But Bro. Danny goes to Baltimore  for his seminary studies.) Anyway, after the Mass, my wife and I brought all the cups, vases and pitcher used during the Mass to the sacristy for washing. While waiting for Fr. David at the sacristy, my wife and I talked and finally decided to give something, a check of $50, as our gift, to Bro. Danny who was, then, with us in the sacristy. While busy washing, we didn't notice that Fr. David came to the sacristy, afterwards, and changed his church attire and then left to go to another church. He's got a tight schedule, especially on Sundays, I observed. After washing those cups and vases, I handed Bro. Danny our gift check. We wished him good luck and that we'd pray for him as he continues his seminary school life.

Outside, at the facade of the church building, were our two children and my sis-in-law, and our friends, the Rileys, Mike, Myrna and their son Tony, our son's friend and former classmate in elementary. They were waiting for us. Now, we exchanged pleasantries. I asked how's their daughter and their son-in-law doing. They're doing well, they said. (Their daughter, Jenny, gave birth to baby girl Emily a week or two ago.) Myrna was inviting us to have lunch in their house. But, then, we finally decided to have luncheon together in a Chinese restaurant. That's what we did---another get-together for us friends.

We had a good time and had a lively conversation while finishing up our food/dessert at that Chinese or Mongolian Buffet Restaurant. Food was good and so was the get-together of our two families.

We thought we'd be the one to pay for the lunch, as originally planned. But, surprisingly, Mike did it for all of us. And, with that gesture of his generosity, we thanked him, and his family. I said to him, "I owe you one, Mike." He said, "no, Chris." Well, I thanked him, again, as we shook hands while walking to our cars in the parking lot. Likewise, I thanked Myrna and Tony for their generosity, too. They're such our close good friends. We're thankful to God for having them.  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

On the Power of the Internet

Yesterday was another lazy Friday, for me. In the morning, I basically stayed in our room, while my wife and her sister, my sis-in-law were out for most of the day---visiting a university, visiting their fellow co-worker, who eventually treated them for lunch at a Chinese/Mongolian restaurant, per my wife. "That's good." That's all I can say. I have no problem with that. In fact, I highly encourage her to go with others for a break. She needs it to restore her sanity and sense of freedom.

Me? Ah, that's one thing with me. When I got to know an information that I find interesting and worth going the extra mile to find out more about it, then it becomes a wonderful opportunity and truly a fantastic learning experience for me. Having the desire and and curiosity to know more (because I have the tools or means to find out more about such bit of knowledge or information, via my access to the computer/laptop/internet), I feel good and blessed.

So, what is this latest Philippine entertainment news or information that brings me into a state of excitement? Well, it's about the reported return lately to our native land, the Philippines one of the best and finest singers-actors in the world, after being away for eight years. (Per news report, she's been living in Los Angeles, CA.) Having the monicker "Superstar" (the only one that fits that description, to my knowledge) is none other than the phenomenal Ms. Nora Aunor. Admittedly, she's one of a few of my favorite singers-actors when I was still a teen in the Philippines. Yes, I love listening to her songs, mostly ballads. That's why she's branded as a balladeer, one of a kind. She's got that "golden voice," as what people often say. Both her singing and acting careers became widely known, and successful, for a span of four decades, from the early 70s to the twenty-first century. She doesn't have to prove anything now for she has achieved awards, honors and accolades, not only in/for her native land but also worldwide. No doubt, she's a legend in Philippine cinema and entertainment, up to this time. Now, why did she decide to go back, when she's considered out of the limelight? There's this good historical movie offer that she can't pass up or refuse---to play the role of Maria Agoncillo, the second wife of General Emilio Aguinaldo, our first Philippine president. With her three month stay there in the Philippines, she's also slated to do a TV drama series to be directed by one of her former movie directors, Mario O'Hara. (Long-time Philippine entertainer and comedian German Moreno, Aunor's longtime loyal friend and confidant, welcomed the latter upon arrival at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, August 5. Eagerly awaiting for her arrival, too, were Aunor's die-hard fans who have been ever loyal and loving to their singer-movie idol. Then, Aunor held a press conference.)

Now, let me talk about the usefulness and accessibility of the computer/internet, in connection with the above information that I've learned and just revealed to all. Ah, the power of the internet, it's amazing! Yes, it continues to amaze me as I continue to navigate myself into exploring more about it. That's exactly what I'm driving at, my curiosity and enthusiasm at knowing/learning more about this and that is tremendous. But, I take one day at a time to whet my appetite for learning more and knowing more. Thanks to the internet. I'm excited to know more, to become more entertained and knowledgeable and informed, and better, useful and productive citizen of the world. I know, I can still make a difference to others.

With the internet, I was able to look for more information about Philippine president General Emilio Aguinaldo. While reading about Aguinaldo's biography, from Wikipedia, I happened to come across a 1981 study project by a US Army colonel about the United States Military Academy (USMA)'s Foreign Cadet Program (FCP) in connection with the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).  In addition to information that I didn't know before, I got the opportunity to listen to Aunor's songs via YouTube. It brings back to mind nostalgia, memories of those were the days while in the Philippines in the early 70s. And, this also reminds me of how old I am now. But, I haven't given up learning and gaining knowledge. With my accessibility now with the internet, I'll be more informed, and entertained, too.

This Saturday morning, at 0815, after eating a cup of breakfast cereal with organic milk, I decided not to go to my backyard to water our fruit trees. Instead, I indulged myself in watching TV, on ABC's Good Morning America (GMA), in our room, while also in the internet. Here are some of the Top Stories for the day, from the said TV network program, hosted by Dan Harris and Bianca (I forgot the surname, which begins with a capital G, and sounds Russian, to me. Pardon me, folks. That's my next assignment or research, okay? I promise to know it.). Ah, the headlines, here they are, not in order: 1) 38 troops, including at least 30 Americans, killed in a helicopter crashed in Eastern Afghanistan; It is one of the deadliest..., 2) S & P (Standard and Poor) downgrades US credit rating (from triple A to AA+, 3) One person dead in Haiti from tropical storm Emily, 4) Woman dies in NC (North Carolina) flood while running from police, 5) China evacuates more than 200,000 as it braces for a typhoon, 6) Video rentals top sales for the first time since 2000, 7) Hiroshima marks 66th anniversary of Atomic Bombing, 8) Grizzly bear mauls hiker in Glacier National Park but manages to walk away, 9) US State Dept urges Americans to leave Syria, 10) Texas Gov. Rick Perry to hold controversial prayer rally (Sunday) in Houston, TX. There was also this news about NFL players inducted into Hall of Fame and about the conviction by jury of 5 New Orleans police officers during that powerful storm Katrina that devastated New Orleans, and that news about the resumption of testimony in a polygamist case...Well, that's all for now. Thanks for your time in reading this post or blog entry. Until next time around. Bye.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Post or Not:: Breaking News on TV about VT

Thanks to God that I'm getting better! Summer colds begone!

At about 1058, this morning, while I was busy watching TV, on WAVY TV-10 in Portsmouth, VA (a local TV affiliate of NBC), there's this Breaking News about a Gunman reported on VT (Virginia Tech) campus in Blacksburg, VA, by children on summer camp there. Momentarily following that news broadcast was this brief police announcement at the campus of Virginia Tech. Then, there was this latest news: "VT Campus on Lockdown."

Immediately, I reached out my cellphone and sent a text message to my wife who has a tutorial job in her school. Here's the content of that message: "Here is d brkng news in WAVY TV-10. Gunman reported on VT campus in Blacksburg, VA." Afterwards, I thought of forwarding the message to my daughter in C-ville. Then, after a few minutes, I sent my wife again another text message. The text read, "Va Tech Campus on Lockdown b coz of gunman reported on VT campus by 3 children n camp." Again, I forwarded the same text message to my daughter.

I logged on to the laptop that I've been using (my son's who lent me since the middle of May this year). I thought of sharing the info (regarding that Breaking News from WAVY TV-10 this morning) in my Facebook page, on my wall status. As I was typing the Breaking News info on my wall on my Facebook page, my mind was wandering/wondering. Should I or should I not? I couldn't make up my mind. I finished typing the info and it took me minutes before I finally press Share. I previewed what I posted/shared on my wall. Facebook was getting weird---it was getting slower to get back to Home page or Profile page. I don't know if it was the uploading or loading of info, etc. I changed my mind after I've posted the info. I went back to my Profile and deleted my wall message via clicking Remove Post. That's what I finally decided. Yes, I removed what I just posted or shared on my Facebook wall page.
I continued watching TV. I switched channel, from WAVY TV channel 10 to WVEC TV 13 News in Norfolk, VA (a local TV affiliate of ABC News.) The TV program being shown was The View, a talk show co-hosted by Whoopi, Barbara, Joy, Elizabeth, and Sherr, all five talented, outspoken, and opinionated women. But after a while, I switched back to WAVY TV-10, to get an update of the breaking news. Same headlines but with a phone interview by one of WAVY TV women broadcasters-reporters with a Virginia Tech student. After a while, I switched channel again to ABC's The View until newstime at 12:00 o'clock noon.  No development of that breaking news. Still, VT Campus on Lockdown. And, police still looking for that reported gunman on campus by young campers at Va Tech.

I decided to stay on WVEC Channel 13 News because after the noontime news would be the soaps like All My Children, One Life To Live, and General Hospital. I don't know about you, but I sometimes watch these soaps, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
My cell phone rang. It was my wife. I asked her if she has read my text message I sent her. She asked me if they found the gunman and I answered not yet. They're still searching and the campus is on lockdown, I added. She said that she and her sis, my sis-in-law, are on their way now to get/pick up our daughter in C-ville. I informed her that I forwarded the text messages to our daughter, too. "But she hasn't responded yet," I said. And, then I told her to be safe, to drive safely. "Luv ya," I said. "Love you, too," she said. 

Before the day is over today, I'd surely find out the latest about this breaking news from WAVY TV-10, and see what happens. I just hope and pray that no one was hurt and that everything will be alright. (I recalled what happened, four years ago, about Virginia Tech massacre in April 16th, 2007 that took the lives of 33 including the student gunman. I sighed, God please don't let it happen again!)

Well, at 1700 (5:00 o'clock PM), when it's time for news on TV, I learned that the VT campus lockdown was lifted, but the police there, as of this writing, are still continuing with their search for the reported gunman on VA Tech campus by three young female teens. A composite sketch of the reported gunman was shown on TV. What a breaking news it was! Whether the reported gunman is found or not, I would say that it's a good opportunity for Virginia Tech to test their latest emergency alert system, which the school did at 9:37 AM, per TV news.

And, finally, today is American President Barack Obama's 50th birthday, as mentioned by the media. To you, Mr. President, wishing you all the best on your birthday! May you have many more to come! May God bless you and your family! May God bless us all! And, May God bless America, and the whole world with Peace!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feeling Much Better, But My Wife?

I got up from bed at 0354, this Wednesday morning, to use the restroom. But, when I was about to go, my wife woke up and interrupted me. I  guess she wants to empty her bladder. She said, "can I go first?" Well, what can I say but okay. So, I waited while she rose up, and walked to the restroom. Emptying her bladder, she reminded me to wake her up at nine-thirty AM to prepare herself for her summer tutorial work in her school which she started Monday. I said okay, again. Then, she was mentioning that she may have caught the bug already that's why she has taken Theraflu prior to going to bed last night. Oh, no, I remarked. I hope not. I'd rather be the one to get sick than she is. I don't want any member of my family to get sick this summer. Except me, of course. Thanks to God, I'm doing much better now, although I still have a trace of the symptoms in my system. But not as bad as the past three days.

After using the restroom, she and I both returned to bed. While trying to get back to sleep, I did pray the holy rosary, silently. My wife, on the other hand, has already fallen asleep. Yes, she can easily fall asleep. I truly admire her for she doesn't have a problem at all falling asleep. After my prayer, I dosed off to slumber land. Thanks to God!

Our room was getting brighter when I opened my eyes. I noticed that the sun was up in glowing golden hue. Noticeably, too, was that our room was getting warmer. My wife was still sleeping, that time. I decided to get up, thinking of watering our fruit trees in our backyard. I checked the time on our wall clock. It's almost 9;00 o'clock in the morning. I let my wife sleep some more, while I changed my sleepwear to short, cargo khaki pants and a long-sleeve cotton green shirt.Then, I slowly but quietly left our room to go downstairs.

Downstairs, I opened the curtains and drapes. (I supposed that my sis-in-law did turn off the lights outside and in our living room before she went back up to her room.) Likewise, I changed the date in that wooden blocks/pieces of calendar (which I purchased from Baguio City) displayed in our living room. I also turned on the radio that's below this wooden calendar display. It's set on the classical music radio station of WHRO, a local public radio/TV in Norfolk affiliated with NPR and PBS. Then, while I walked my way to our kitchen, I turned on the other radio in our family room, tuned in to NPR (National Public Radio), based in Washington, D.C. There in the kitchen, I put on my old, working rubber shoes, one that I always use each time I do yard work.

Outside, in our deck/backyard, it's bright and lovely, and a little warm, but not yet that hot and humid. Just perfect to be outside in the morning, to get some Vitamin D from the early sunshine. There, I turned on the faucet/water outlet with a long hose attached to it. And, I started watering our fruit trees. I started with our ten foot-high pear tree that has at least a dozen grown fruits in it. I sprinkled its leaves and branches and its fruits. Then, I went on to the next, an apple tree beside the pear tree. This yellow apple tree has also fruits, a dozen, that are not ready to be picked or harvested, but a couple of them has been eaten by insects (or fruit flies?) as evidenced by those black spots on them. Like the pear tree, I also sprinkled its leaves, branches and fruits. then, its trunk. I moved on to the next apple tree. this one is fruitless. I don't know why it doesn't have fruits this year. Unlike last year that it had several fruits. I guess, it's because of the strong (wind) storm we've had before the end of spring that the flowers and buds of it were blown away or fell. On the other hand, another apple tree we have in our backyard, a dwarf red apple tree, has fruits in clusters. But not as many as last year's, too. We also have a nectarine tree, but no fruits. It has a couple of fruits before the start of spring. I guess they were all blown away, too, during that strong storm. Anyway, I watered them all, our fruit trees in our backyard. How much I wanted to have a big shady tree in our backyard, unlike the one we have in our other house, our first house (now a rental property) which is not too far from where we are. (It takes four-five minutes to go there.) Over there, we have a big, shady, maple tree in our backyard, in addition to a very fruitful pear tree and a yellow apple tree, and a peach tree.

I was already sweaty when I finished watering our fruit trees. What a relief when I got in the house! I took off my shirts, used them like a towel to wipe my body, back and front, and my armpit. Then, I prepared my breakfast---a cup of cereal with milk. Then, went back up to our room. I hate to wake my wife up but I did have to. I have to do what she told me to do. It's past 9:30 AM.

As she was preparing herself (using the restroom, changing her clothes, and getting ready to go to her tutorial job), I started eating my cereal while watching TV. She went to my drawer. I was surprised. I didn't hesitate to ask why she was opening my drawer. Aware that I was half-naked (I didn't wear shirt, but I have  towel over my shoulder.) She was getting a pair of shirt for me. I thanked her for handing over my green T-shirt as she inched her way out of our room to go downstairs. "I'll be back," she said, "to get the trash in our restroom." Okay, I said.

She came back up and, before I knew it, she was already giving me a hug, saying she has to go now. Okay, take care and drive safely, I said., as I reciprocated her hug. I love you, too, I said.

Well, I just hope and pray that my wife doesn't have that bug. I don't want her to get sick, as I've said. I'd rather be the one to get sick than she does. Thanks to God, I'm feeling much better, but she? I know she has a stronger immune system than I do. But, I don't know. Please, God, don't let her get sick, okay? I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed and see what happens. This is all for now. I'm signing off. Until next time around. Have a nice day, everyone!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Into Recovery Mode

As expected, I'm feeling much better today than yesterday or the past three days. Yes, I'm into recovery mode. Slowly but hopefully. Here's a revelation: I got myself confined to our room, just like an inpatient in a hospital. I  don't have any qualms about it. In fact, I prefer it this way rather being out there in the open, interacting with other members of my family and, possibly, passing on the bug to them. I don't want them to get sick.  I'd rather be the one than they would.

Since Friday, I've been staying in our room. Thankfully, we have a restroom or a full bathroom in our bedroom. My doting wife is the one who has been patiently preparing and bringing my food up into our room. This is what I truly call "room service with care," no doubt. And with that, I can't thank her enough for showing her love and kindness and generosity to me. Thanks to God for having her in my life for the past 25 years, and counting, and for being the loving mother to our two young adult children. Only God knows how much I love her.

What have you been doing, in solitary confinement, in our room? Aren't you get bored? These are legitimate questions you may probably ask me. Well, I don't feel bored. I just feel tired, at times. That's why I rest or lay my back, in between sitting, on a Queen Anne's chair on my bedside doing some stuff, i.e., writing post for my blog, like this one; reading, watching TV, listening to NPR (National Public Radio), I can't be bored. As I've mentioned, I can only get tired. And, if I fall asleep while in bed, the better I would rather be. I know, I need to rest to recover quickly. Thanks to God that our air conditioning unit in the house is functioning well, especially now that we're in the midst of sweltering, sizzling, scorching summer in the East Coast. It's quite a relief, too, to note that we have each a ceiling fan in all of our four bedrooms upstairs, in addition to our family room downstairs. I know how uncomfortable it is not have an A/C in our house, or if there's no power, when there's a strong storm visiting our place. My family and others in our area have experienced it---hot and humid inside our house. And, we have got to rely on just fanning ourselves using newspapers or magazines, and candles for light. I can imagine how hard and difficult their situation is for those who don't have (working) A/C. It must have been quite uncomfortable for them, especially those who are elderly or ill, or have disability. But, I hope and pray that they find comfort and ease knowing that they are vulnerable.

I woke up to a call from my cell phone this afternoon, while resting or taking a nap. I thought it was my wife calling. No, it was my sister from the West Coast. Thanks to God. (It's been a while that I haven't called her.) She wants to know if the weather over here is still hot and humid, and how my family and I are doing. Well, I told her the truth that I've been having summer colds since Friday. Still hot and humid over here, I added. But, she was very happy to know that I'm getting much better already. You know, my older, loving, and caring sister and I are very close and that we have an open communication. We share each other our family stories and problems, and we understand one another. She is always there, ready to listen and help me and our other siblings, if we have problems. Like a  mother, she's always looking for our welfare, even though we're thousand and thousand miles away from one another. She cries with us if we have heard bad news. she laughs with us if we have good, pleasant news to share with one another. That's how she is---my ever-loving and caring big sister. May God bless her and her family always! I know, it's been a long, long time again, that we haven't seen each other. It's good that I took the initiative last time (three years ago?) to visit her and our other sister and their families, and other relatives in the Bay Area.

Well, I have to sign off now. I feel tired and I need to rest my back. Until next time around, folks. Thanks for your time. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Still Not Feeling Well

I've been to the rest room twice early Sunday morning. One at past two o'clock, and another at five. Back to bed, feeling dizzy and light-headed, my whole body is sore. I couldn't sleep, though I've tried. To utilize my time, I prayed the holy rosary. After that, I went downstairs to heat water for my Theraflu. Back to our bedroom, I ate some pieces of  (a Hint of Salt) Ritz crackers before taking my medicine. Yes, that's right. I'm self-medicating, using Theraflu bought by my wife at a popular chain store.

I waited half an hour before going back to bed, while my wife was in deep slumber. I just sat down on a Queen Anne's chair on my bedside. Then, I was yawning already, indicative of me ready to go back to sleep.

At nine, my wife rose up from bed. She went to my son's and my daughter's rooms, tried to wake them up for Sunday's Mass or church services. She asked me how do I feel. I told her I don't feel good and am still sickly.  She understands I can't go with her to church. She assured me to just rest in bed.

I'm sure God understood and forgave me for not going to church with my wife and my sis-in-law Sunday, yesterday. This summer colds has been with me for a couple of days and I've been feeling sickly. My whole body aches. I have headache, joint pain, and my chronic lower back pain is bothering me again. Anyway, I try not to think so much about it. I just let it be, and live the present moment well.That was yesterday, folks!

Well, at 2:07 this early Monday morning, I rose up, went to the restroom, and then went downstairs to prepare for my medicine---a cup of hot water with Theraflu in it. Back to our bedroom, I ate some A Hint of Salt Ritz crackers, before drinking my Theraflu. In between eating crackers and sipping my Theraflu, I was also reading PARADE magazine, then this American Profile magazine, a supplementary magazine of our free local community newspaper. In the PARADE, I read about the comparison between cats and dogs while in the American Profile, the cover story about this project/program in Conway, Arkansas about combating illiteracy by providing 3-5 year old kids with a book case filled with books.  

My wife, who was sleeping soundly, woke up and asked me what time it is. I told her it's almost three in the morning. The reason why she's time-conscious is that she and my sis-in-law have to bring back our daughter to C-ville this morning. Earlier than usual, this time, because the former has a scheduled work to do in her school at eleven. It takes two and a half-hour to and fro C-ville, from our place. She said that they have to leave the house before five so they can be back in Hampton Roads before eleven o'clock in the morning. (My daughter spent the weekend, as usual, with us, because she played the piano at a Christian church in a neighboring city. Her older brother, my young adult son, volunteered to pick her up Friday from her apartment in C-ville.)

My wife, my sis-in-law, and my daughter left the house as planned. I said goodbye to them, hugged my wife before she went downstairs, and my daughter came to our room and gave me a hug. I told them to be safe out there while on the road. As for me, here I am on my laptop writing on this blog entry. In a few minutes, I'd be downstairs to turn off lights outside and then be back to bed to try to rest/sleep again, if I can. It's almost 6:00 o'clock in the morning. In time, our alarm-clock-radio will be on to NPR's Morning Edition. I'd probably unset it so it won't sound while I try to get back to sleep. And, that's exactly I would do. That's what I did...get back to sleep, even for a couple of hours.

I was awaken when my cell phone rang. Immediately, I reached out my old cell phone which is always on, and on my head side. Hello, I said feeling sleepy still. It's my wife who called to let me know they've already arrived in C-ville. And they're in my daughter's apartment . She mentioned the time of their arrival: almost seven-thirty in the morning. I said thanks to God, told her to drive safely back to Hampton Roads. She passed on her cell phone to my daughter and we talked a little bit. Then, we all exchanged "goodbye and take care" to one other. After  that, I put my cell phone back to where it was---on my head side. I closed my eyes to get back to sleep. What's bothering me? My nose that's get stuffy! But, I tried to manage it by sleeping on my side, alternately.

It's already past ten when I rose up from bed to use the restroom. I had that inclination. You know what I mean, to remove my bowel, that is. But first, I thought of going downstairs to open our blinds/curtains. And also to get that copy of yesterday's (Sunday's) newspaper. I brought down with me my cell phone, anticipating/expecting a call from my wife. I was holding myself when I went back upstairs to our room, then to the restroom. Soon, as I've sat down on the white porcelain toilet bowl, there came out my load, while perusing the sections of the paper. Ah, what a relief it was! Thanks to God! I felt good, while flushing it out. Momentarily, my cell phone rang. As expected, it was my wife asking me what I was doing. I told her I was  doing my daily morning routine, in the restroom in our bedroom. Then, she told me she and my sis-in-law have arrived in her school already. (I remember what she told me the other day about doing tutoring those students in their school who didn't make it in that state-wide end of course exam and, henceforth, will retake it after the duration of the tutorial period is over.) I looked at the time on my cell phone. It was 10:20 AM. Okay, I said, you guys take you, and goodbye. And with that, I had to clean myself after using the restroom.

I still feel light-headed, with stuffy nose, a little headache, and body/joint pain all over me. And, with scratchy, sore throat. Exudate is no longer that watery clear but thicker mucus from my stuffy, achy nose.

I turned on the TV in our room, and then went downstairs to get myself a cup of cereal with organic milk. That's my breakfast treat. Back to our room, I was watching ABC Television's The View while eating my cereal. But, of course, I said my prayer first. I also turned on my laptop to write or continue with this post. Lady Gaga turned out to be the guest-co-host of the show starring Whoopi, Barbara, Elizabeth, and Joy. Their co-host Sherry wasn't with them. Lady Gaga did perform her new hit song to the delight of the audience. She's such an amazing singer-dancer-performer, and songwriter! Dressed in checkered black and white with pearls on her neck, she accompanied herself on the piano. She really wowed the audience with her new song.I was done eating my cereal, and has taken a tablet of Tylenol, this time.

Here I am, trying to finish this post, while the TV is broadcasting the 12:00 o'clock (noontime) news. Well, I have to sign off now. Until next time around, folks. Bye! And, have a nice day, everyone! Hope to get well and better soon!

Saturday Blues

(Note: I wrote this post early Saturday morning, 30 July 2011. But, I didn't publish it right away. It just remained a draft until I decided to publish it today, Monday, the 1st of August, 2011.)

Since I couldn't sleep anymore, I woke up so early at three, this Saturday morning. I had to use the restroom in our bedroom. My wife, I believe, has fallen asleep downstairs. My nose is dripping and I have to wipe and blow them. My right side of my face/head is sore and the pain is dull but annoying. Thanks to my wife for buying me a box of soft Softelle tissue paper. I've been consistently wiping off my achy, runny nose. My whole body is sore, I'm becoming irritated going back and forth to the restroom to dump my trash, tissue paper that's wet and crumpled from blowing my nose. My getting up and down on bed is tiresome and I feel a little dizzy, too. What's this summer colds, this viral invasion to my upper respiratory tract has done so far! I'm unable to go back to sleep. I couldn't fall asleep when I have stuffy nose on one side while the other is runny and dripping almost every now and then.(As I write this blog entry, my nose is dripping and I can't hep it but to blow it to clear it, this watery-clear exudate.)

I was about to go downstairs to prepare myself a cup of hot Theraflu but, thanks to God, my wife came up to our room informing me she and her sis fell asleep on the recliners in our family room. I told my wife my intention. She volunteered to go down and prepare for my hot drink of Theraflu. I went downstairs, anyway. And, she handed me over a pack of a Dash of Salt Ritz crackers and told me to eat some prior to drinking my Theraflu. I said, thanks Doc, as I went up back to our room. In a few minutes, she's in our room while I have to finish my Theraflu. I have been sitting on a chair on my bedside, while she tries to get some sleep. I envy her because she can easily fall asleep. Yes, she doesn't have a problem falling asleep! Me? Oh my, that's one of my concerns nowadays. I'm a light sleeper, you know. My ears are so sensitive that I can hear a slight noise or a conversation. That's why I feel so tired if I don't get at least five to seven hours of sleep a day. I know, that's part of growing old which is inevitable. Anyway, I've got to utilize my time while letting that Theraflu in my system stay in. Besides, I feel bloated already. yes, I feel full. That means, I can't lay down with a stomach that's full. I have had to wait for at least thirty minutes before I hit bed. Meantime, as I've mentioned, I have had to utilize my time. In between blowing my nose, bringing used tissue paper to the trash can in our restroom, I found myself logging into this laptop that my son lent me to use. So here I am, jotting down these lines you, folks, are reading right now.

My wife, meanwhile, is in her slumber, while I continued to write my blog. But, this bug, this summer colds, that I now have is  becoming disruptive and uncomfortable to me. It's still in its peak and I'm getting frustrated and sickly. Now, I feel tired and like resting my back in bed. Well, I have to satisfy my eyes that are getting heavy. Thanks to God, I finally feel sleepy. To be continued...