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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nora Aunor: A Legend and Superstar in Philippines' Entertainment Industry

Note: The videos used here are not mine. They're from YouTube. No copyright infringement intended. Thanks YouTube and to all the uploaders of the videos below. Thank you.


  1. she is one of my few favorite female singers in the world who is considered a Legend and the one and only Superstar in Philippine Entertainment Industry. Because of her accomplishments (body of works)as a multitalented and multi-awarded artist of the Philippines, Nora Aunor deserves to be a recipient of the National Artist Award. Truly, she is a rare Philippine treasure. Kudos and more power to her!

  2. Having been in showbiz for over four decades, Nora Aunor continues to be the talk of the town each time she goes home to the Philippines as evidenced in her homecoming in August last year, after eight years of living in the United States where she now resides. While in the Philippines, she starred in "Sa Ngalan ng Ina" (In the Name of A Mother), a TV series which is considered a first and a "masterpiece" in Philippine television history. The "teleserye" was directed by award-winning film director, Mario O'Hara.