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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mere Storytelling, "Picture" It Out

Yesterday, I did take pictures of some of my favorites in the house. Then, I uploaded them into my computer. I chose some for my blog. I had 13 of them that I shared to/with my FB friends and relatives. Yes, just mere photographs. There were no accompanying words, except for the title Some of My Favorites, Part 1.

While taking pictures of my favorites, rummaging through my files, books in our master's bedroom, I found my sort of binder/notebook/journal of last year. And in it was that "Ilokano" poem I wrote in connection with that 08Jan2011 Shooting Spree in Tucson, Arizona. (Remember, in my blog entry Reminiscing and Cooking (09Jan2012) I stated that if I'd find my binder-journal, I'd share that poem to you all. I just did that this morning directly on my FB page. I tagged on the people/friends who are Ilokanos and can communicate in Ilokano fluently. I hope they have the time to read it.)

Last night, I took time to write a short entry into my blog entitled Mere Photographs, No Words. I explained a bit the reason why I only put out selected pictures of my favorites. I also mentioned about the power of pictures, especially those that help make us think and change. after my blog entry, I tried to share/link it to FB but I don't know why I couldn't. I've tried two-three attempts to send my entry blog to FB but it didn't work. I don't know what happened. I abandoned that plan afterwards because I got exhausted, tired and felt sleepy already. My wife was already in cloud nine, last night, while I was still blogging. I usually go to bed first while she's doing some classroom-school work. Eventually, I joined her. (I didn't have time for a couple of missed international soap opera on YouTube. Well, anyway, I can always see them later for as long as my laptop is functioning or working.)

This gray and wet Wednesday morning, as soon as I was done with my regular morning routine, I briefly visited FB. While in there, one of my nieces in Spain was trying to chat with me, asking me how I was doing.So we did chat for a a couple of minutes. She said  she's at work, but on break. She promised to call me though. You know what, I missed her and her other siblings, and her parents (my brother-in-law and my sister, her mom, whom I haven't seen for over 30 years! Her parents visited them lately there in Spain from UK where they've been working for years. I just learned from my niece that they're back in UK.

So what else did I do today? At first, I couldn't decide what to prepare for dinner, although I had it thawed two packages of "scallopini" pork chops. Also, I brought out from the fridge two small packs of frozen salmon, one bag of (cooked?) meatballs and one small bag each of frozen baby lima beans and okra. Eventually, I settled for pasta with meatballs, not steamed rice.

How was my cooking? Well, this is what I did. First, put back in the ref the two packs of scallopini pork chops. But  I did nuke (microwave) the two pieces of frozen salmon for 6-9 minutes, while boling/cooking the pasta (I used the triple color pene pasta, 1 1/2 packages) per cooking instruction. After the two small pieces of salmon were "cooked", I set them aside on the table. I then "nuked" a big bowl of one-bag of ready-made (cooked) meatballs for 5-8 minutes, stirring them in between. When the pasta was done, I strained them and then put them (still steaming hot) in a a big bowl. I reused the pot, used for the pasta, in heating up the spaghetti sauce. I used a can of spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and a small can of thick tomato soup. Once the meatballs were cooked, to my taste, I mixed them up with the heated sauce. Did stir the whole thing twice-three times. All in all, I think I prepared the dish pasta with meatballs for 30 minutes or less. I did not set the clock, though, while cooking.

As usual, folks, I have to eat once I'm done cooking. That has been my practice. I always taste the food I cooked before I served it to others. How was it, the dish I prepared? It's good. I liked it. Aha, one ingredient that's important, but missing---shredded cheese! But, I'm okay without it. I just didn't have in our fridge. Well, I know what to buy next time I buy pasta and canned pasts/spaghetti sauce.

It was timely that my wife has just arrived in time for my setting the table. After saying a  short prayer blessing, I had my food eaten with a small glass of locally-produced table wine (from Chesapeake). My wife didn't bother to take a sip. She rarely drinks red wine while dining. (I do understand her, though, that she has some classroom-school work to do tonight, just like every other night on school days.) We're about done eating our dinner when my sis-in-law arrived. We invited her to the table. At that time, my wife had a short "nap" while sitting in the kitchen. I didn't bother waking her up. I just let her do sleep, while my sis-in-law started eating her dinner.

After giving thanks, I started watching my fave soaps on YouTube. Again, thanks YouTube and those people uploading and subbing (English subtitle) those international soap opera/TV drama series. Laptop with me, I decided to go upstairs to our bedroom, and there continued watching soap.I just need a bit of entertainment. I feel good, watching those international TV actors doing their role. I can't help smiling or laughing, at times, when the situations/episode seems funny or silly.

Our TV in our bedroom is usually on in the evening, while I'm on my laptop, too, blogging, reading or visiting FB briefly. As usual, I listen to or watch news, in between my focusing two screens but more so on the laptop. Call it multitasking? You're right. I do that because I can. But, of course, I can always listen to the news on NPR in our radio (we have designated radio in our house) or to PBS in the evenings during weekdays. For local news, I rely on three local TV stations in Hampton Roads that are affiliated with major TV networks.

Well, I better sign off now. Until next time around. Ciao!
-chris a. quilpa, 11Jan2012


  1. OMG, I just noticed it now, the time in this computer/laptop was set on west coast time, three hours late and I'm here in the East Coast! Time posted this blog entry should be 8:48 PM. I need to figure out haw to adjust the time of this laptop. Or better yet, I'll ask my family members.

    1. I misspelled, or had typo error,the word "how!" My bad. Blame my typing, ok?