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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Sunny Saturday to/from C-ville: A Short-Time Family Get-Together

It's a cool, sunny Saturday today. Thanks to God! It's another beautiful day to be out of the house. Far away from Hampton Roads, even for six-seven hours, at least. Yes, folks, my wife and I took another road trip to northwest Virginia, particularly in Charlottesville or C-ville, for short.

Reason/s for the short visit? To give our daughter her eyeglasses that were ordered for her less than two weeks ago. And coincidentally to meet our son there from DC to give him some car papers/documents he needs in connection with his application for a new DC tag.

On our way to C-ville, we dropped by at Totoy's Filipino Restaurant where we bought some food to go. We also bought my favorite "bibingka" or glutinous rice cakes. But of course, I brought with me my camera to capture anything that fascinated me outside.

 Now, friends, I'm sharing with you our sunny Saturday to/from C-ville (A Short-time Family get-together) in pictures.

Here are our photos while we we're still in the house preparing for our road trip. My wife and I in the family room.

Myself in the family room while my wife was preparing some stuff to bring with us to C-ville.

Approaching the tunnel, my wife reduced her speed, turned on her headlights, and stayed focused...

We've just entered a tunnel. Actually we've been driving through a bay bridge-tunnel that connects cities to the Peninsula. Driving smoothly inside a tunnel. No incoming cars, no traffic.

Ah, where's the end of a tunnel? There...the white light... we're almost out there. Claustrophobic? Not really. But, thanks to God it's not that crowded inside the tunnel, as you can see.
As we cruised along interstate highway, we passed by this sign. Traffic was smooth. Not many cars on the road...clear, bright, beautiful day...

Finally, after  almost three hours on the road, including one rest stop at a rest area, we arrived at our destination and meeting place. We're all together, one family again...even for a short time. 
Another pose before my camera. Notice the students on the background because we're inside the lobby of one of the University's dining halls.

Then, we decided to go to Tintin's dorm. At the parking lot we gave the things that we're supposed to deliver to our young adult kids. After maybe thirty minutes of family togetherness, our son drove back to DC. We drove Tintin to her scheduled meeting at 4 pm. Then, my wife and I drove back or returned to Hampton Roads safely. (I'll be posting some other photos in my next blog post. Please stand by, folks.) Thanks for hanging in there. Until next time around. -chris a. quilpa, 28Jan2012 

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