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Thursday, January 26, 2012

These I Believe

(Intro Note: One year ago, I wrote this piece, 22Jan2012, after listening to Bob Edward's Weekend radio program aired on NPR (National Public Radio).

These I Believe

I believe that
life is full of challenges
but at the same time opportunities;
life has its ups and downs
life is good when you feel good
life is bad when you feel bad;
life is a mystery
with all its secrets and wonders.

I believe that 
there's life after death;
life lingers on as memory fades
over the years...
life is more precious 
than gold or diamond. 

Hence, I believe that
life prevails after the storm
life endures when all else fails;
life is the answer to any question
life is the reason for all seasons
Life is Love and Love is Life!
(c) chris a. quilpa

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