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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Foggy Monday in 757!

Happy New Year of the Dragon! Happy Lunar New Year to all, especially to our Chinese friends everywhere!

It's a foggy, wet Monday in Hampton Roads today. Know what? This morning, I saw some Canadian geese on the school ground at this elementary school  on our back. I couldn't believe it! They always go together, by groups, these incredible birds! They're so united, you know.

How I wish we humans are like these Canadian geese, always! But, you know, we go on separate ways, at times, because we have free will. Yes, we have choices, and make decisions which are sometimes hurried and harried, illogical and unreasonable and, thus, produce unpleasant or damaging consequences in our lives. Why? Because we dare to risk; we're risk-takers. Let me leave this issue here. Period. Moving on...

YouTube is so cool! I have heard and watched a lot of performers/singers and soap opera actors while reading blogs. Thanks, YouTube, and to the Internet in general.

As I've been saying over and over, as a student/learner of computer technology, I am overwhelmed and continue to be  amazed at what the Internet has created, such as YT, Facebook, Google, Blogger, Wikipedia, etc.

This morning, after doing with my daily routine, as usual, I visited a couple of blogs. As I continued reading, I came across a blogger who's musically-inclined. I got stuck in blog for a while. Why, you ask? You know, in her blog, she embedded videos from YouTube and one of them was about a former 2008 American Idol finalist who did an interpretation of Lennon and McCartney's song "Across the Universe." A Perth, Australia-born, now living in California and a recording artist, Michael Johns belted out that Beatles song beautifully. He can truly sing, a good man! I ended up listening to and watching YT Mix for Michael Johns performances. I learned later on that he, along with his AI Top 10 finalists, performed Live Tour in Manila in November 2008. From there, I also listened and watched a Saudi Arabia-born, young, petite FilAm American Idol Top 10 finalist, Remiele Malubay of Miramar, Florida performing in the TV shows like Ellen, Live with Regis and Kelly, etc. Though she's the smallest among the AI 2008 finalists, she's got a big, melodious voice! Yes, she can sing beautifully, too! Wish her all the best! (I wonder if she's a recording artist now, like Johns.) I also listened and watched another AI 2005 finalist 3rd place, Filipino American singer-entertainer, Jasmine Trias from Honolulu, Hawaii. Kudos to her, too!

I went back visiting this lady's blog because I also wanted to watch other videos in her blog. Very informative (Siege of Derry) and entertaining (Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse). That's what I can say, simply.

Well, this is all for now, folks. Until next time around. Have a nice Monday, everyone!-chris.a.quilpa,23Jan2012

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