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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Driving Around My Kids' University

Yesterday, my family had a brief get-together in our kids' university where our daughter is now in her fourth year while her brother is an alumnus there, Class of 2010.  He came all the way from DC, where he's with the Americorp program since September last year. My wife and I drove all the way from Hampton Roads to see them, to deliver eyeglasses for Tintin and give some car papers/documents for our son.

On our way back home to HR, we dropped Tintin off to her meeting in one of the university library buildings, and then went around the campus, took some photos. On the other hand, our son drove back to DC. Such was our short-time family get-together. At least, we saw each other again. That's what counts. That's all that matters at that moment.

Well, I hope you liked and enjoyed them as I do. Thank you!-chris a. quilpa, 29Jan2012.

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