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Monday, January 2, 2012

In life with Love

(Intro Note: This morning, while using the restroom in our bedroom, I was listening to one of my favorite singers, now 20-year old English/British singer (of Scottish and Irish lineage) Declan Galbraith, on YouTube, via my laptop (given by my nephew Tony in San Jose, CA), I just thought of writing down my thoughts about life and the world at that present moment. Here it is. Hope you like/enjoy it. And thank you for taking time to read and ponder about it.)

In life with Love

In the midst of chaos
there is order
there is silence
there is peace
there is unity
there is love

In life
we have clutters
we have noises
we have war
we have isolation
we have hatred
yet it is beautiful
and wonderful

But with Love
there is Life
there is Happiness
there is Hope
there is Redemption
there is Salvation.
(c)2012 by chris.a.quilpa

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