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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nora Aunor: A Legend and Superstar in Philippines' Entertainment Industry

Note: The videos used here are not mine. They're from YouTube. No copyright infringement intended. Thanks YouTube and to all the uploaders of the videos below. Thank you.

Monday, January 30, 2012

On Boyce Avenue: American Acoustic Rock Band

There are so much stuff to read (from Wikipedia), see, watch and listen to while logged on in the internet, particularly on YouTube. Just this afternoon, I found out about this American acoustic rock band, Boyce Avenue of Sarasota, Florida. Out of curiosity and interest, I did listen to the musically talented Manzano Brothers (Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian) perform via their YouTube videos.

All I can say, now, after watching and listening to a number of their performances on YouTube, is that they're a cool band. They don't sound like a rock band that's noisy and irritating. They're just plainly cool and minstrelsy, to me. Alejandro, the lead singer, has that sustaining vocal that's kinda sweet and mellow yet natural.

As I continued listening to Boyce Avenue, I did a quick research about them via the accessible, free encyclopedia on line, Wikipedia. There I came to learn today something about this band (founded in 2004) which was completely Greek to me, at first. I learned that one of the Manzano brothers, Daniel, graduated from Harvard Law School. I'm wondering if he ever practiced his law profession at all that he opted to be a musician instead. It's none of my business, anyway, but I'm just curious, you know. Nevertheless, I'm glad and thankful that they have formed their band and have recorded songs that are cool to listen to. I really like their choices of songs and their own renditions. They're such a cool,feel-good band, to me.

I wish them all the best and thank them for being a part of the music world. Kudos and more power to them, especially when they're out there on tour in various parts of the world entertaining and inspiring others, too.

Question: Have you, folks, heard of this band, Boyce Avenue, before? If you want/wish, you guys can check on my previous blog post, Boyce Avenue: American Acoustic Rock Band, and watch them perform on YouTube. Thanks.

Until next time around. Take care and have a nice day/evening, everyone!-:)-chris a. quilpa, 30Jan2012

Boyce Avenue: American Acoustic Rock Band

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Driving Around My Kids' University

Yesterday, my family had a brief get-together in our kids' university where our daughter is now in her fourth year while her brother is an alumnus there, Class of 2010.  He came all the way from DC, where he's with the Americorp program since September last year. My wife and I drove all the way from Hampton Roads to see them, to deliver eyeglasses for Tintin and give some car papers/documents for our son.

On our way back home to HR, we dropped Tintin off to her meeting in one of the university library buildings, and then went around the campus, took some photos. On the other hand, our son drove back to DC. Such was our short-time family get-together. At least, we saw each other again. That's what counts. That's all that matters at that moment.

Well, I hope you liked and enjoyed them as I do. Thank you!-chris a. quilpa, 29Jan2012.

One Cool, Sunny Saturday: Of Clouds and Trees

Here are photos taken while my wife and I were on our way back to Hampton Roads from C-ville. Hope you enjoyed them! Thank you!-chris a. quilpa, 28J1n2012

What's In and Out There in A Newer Rest Area?

Welcome to a newer Rest Area! It's better known as Welcome Center where travelers can relax, get relief, and enjoy the many amenities it offers. On your way out, feel free to get a copy of reading materials about the place/s you'd like to know or visit. You'll also find maps, discount coupons for hotels, vending machines to buy snacks or munchies, and/or beverages (including hot chocolates, coffee, bottled cold water), other useful information to help you in your road trip or vacation.  Enjoy! And have a safe trip! -chris a. quilpa, 28Jan2012