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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amazed and Overwhelmed

Years ago, I wrote an article about the impact and power of the internet, my admiration and amazement about its creation or existence. It continues to amaze me up to these days, especially now that I'm getting used to it and learning a lot from by surfing it, visiting and writing blog posts, using Google and Facebook to share/upload photos and my thoughts for my family and friends from all over the world. Likewise, I feel entertained watching films and videos, soap operas (American, Australian, British, and German and lately Swiss, with English subtitles) via YouTube. That's why I can't help myself but feel delighted and overwhelmed each time I got hold of my laptop (given to me by my nephew Tony from California) and log on. I can't help myself but be thankful to everyone each time I log on to my old but functioning laptop. here again, I express my sincere gratitude to all the people behind the internet, and those who created and are managing web browsers and websites and other dot coms and dot orgs.

Yesterday, after writing my blog post, I did visit other blogs. It's unbelievable what's out there in the cyber world. tons and tons of beautiful, exquisite, entertaining, funny, thought-provoking, scenic, picturesque photos or pictures (families, places, pets, things) and information that are inspirational, informative, educational, scientific, literary and academical. Boy, what a trip, as always! It's true, you'll never know what and who you encounter in the internet. But, as a neophyte web surfer, I exercise caution. I choose what to read and watch, just like everybody. And, when I write my blog, I bear in mind not to offend others. As I've been mentioning all the time, I just want to share my thoughts and ideas to others who wish to know and learn something from me. If I made a difference in someone's life or others' then I did my job well, I believe. I know, it's not my intent to harm or hurt or inflict pain, or to proselytize someone else via my articles or photos I post. On the contrary, I wish to inspire others to do good, feel better and succeed in life.

It's a relief for me perusing a blog, looking intently at pictures posted, watching a video or singing along a music/karaoke video. It brings back memories of old times seeing those photos of my family circle and friends, and relatives from all over the world wherever they may be. Somehow, it's a panacea for me when I'm connected to the internet. It feels good for me to be able to surf and/or use the internet for my self-education, growth and development as a thinking, human being. I'm glad and thankful that we have wireless, WiFi at home, with my son's help. I admit, I have a lot more to know, to learn about everything in our digital world.

As long as I'm alive and able, I'm desirous to continue seeking, learning, knowing, and understanding the Truth. It's my conviction that the more I learn, the more I can share what I know and have known with others in the world. Plain and simple. I have no agenda other than to share myself and my thoughts to humanity. That's all. Whoever reads this and my previous blog posts, and make comments or send feedback, I do appreciate it and no, I won't feel bad if you reacted negatively about my blog. In fact, I  welcome all your comments, if you have the time to do send them. I'll try to make adjustments and learn from them when I write my next article. But, I can't promise to answer your questions/comment/s all the time. That's my prerogative. Yes, I reserve the right to answer/respond to comments, whether negative or positive. I do hope you understand my condition and my position. Likewise, I stand corrected and graciously accept my mistake, offer my apology, when needed. That's to clear things up, first and foremost.

Moreover, I do intend to continue writing my blog, share my thoughts and pictures when and if I'm able to do them. One more thing, though, I welcome all the help I can to make my computer technology/cyber learning 101 truly a fascinating experience. I admit, I need help and assistance with regards to other ways to maximize my use of the web browsers, websites, and their features. Let me cite an example: I'm not yet adept at uploading pictures, doing links, etc. As you may know, I'm like a child (and I'm still a child at heart) who's eager and curious to learn and to know anything that I want to know out there. Case in point: I'm always fascinated, and totally amazed and overwhelmed watching space flights/exploration videos via NASA television channel. It's so cool and awesome to watch these space projects/programs come into fruition. I hope and pray that our scientists and academicians and world leaders continue to collaborate with others in their team efforts to save lives, to make our life-world peaceful, better, i.e., finding cure/treatment to maladies,diseases, expanding our knowledge of the universe by discovering breakthroughs, new worlds other than our own. I know, all of these efforts involve millions and billions of dollars---funding, that is. But with collaboration and cooperation, teamwork and transparency among countries, nothing is possible to achieve, no dreams unrealized. Thanks to my son and my daughter who are there, when at home and available, to help me when I call "Help!" each time I have difficulty doing something with my laptop that wasn't successful while connected to the 'Net.

Ah, the power of the internet continues to amaze me, to make my life interesting and fun! Thank you YouTube, Facebook, Google, all the people behind these social media technology, all those bloggers, v-loggers, YouTubers-uploaders, etc. I can't thank you all enough good people who have been a part  of my life. Thanks to my family and friends for being there always, when I need help. You guys are unbelievably amazing, too. May your tribe increase! (I'm not flattering, or kidding, if you sense/suspect I am. I mean it. I'm serious.) May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 05Jan2012

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