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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Pakauna: Pampanunot maipapan ti Biag, aglalo iti naammuan a damag manipud iti maysa a kalugaran, ni Manang Vicky a kapagayam iti Facebook. Diak pagduaduaan a nabasana ti impostek a daniwko, "Away from Home," iti FB ken iti blogko idi kalman. Impadamagna ti ipupusay ni Iniong Felimon Benitez, maysa a kalugaran ken kabagian ngem agnaeden ken ti familiana diay California. Kastoy ti insurat ni Manang Vicky, "Hi Ando, uncle filemon benitez passed away 2 days ago in 'pinas; he was boarding the plane to fly back here when he had CHF so he was brought to the hosp there and didn't make it. let's pray for him and may he rest in peace." Sinungbatak met ket kastoy ti naisubalitko kenkuana, "Manang, thank you for the info (bad and sad news). Apo metten a manangaasi! who would expect him to depart so soon? may he rest in peace! nabayagen a saanko nakita ni iniong felimon. idi laenegen na-station datao diay balboa naval hospital diay san diego. alla, Apo...ania ngarud, manang, kasta la ti biag a kunada. adda dagiti pasamak a saan a pulos mapakpakadaan, and beyond our control, hmmmm. we'll pray for the family of the departed, too! manen, thank you, manang. take care." Daytoy sumaganad ti gapuanan ti panagpampanunotko maipapan daytoy a topiko..."Biag"

wen, nagastos ti agbiag
nagastos pay ti matay
nabaknangka man
wenno awananka.

anian a nakakalkaldaang a panunoten
no ti maysa a pinarsua pimmusayen
iti nabiit laeng a panagbakasionna
iti nakayanakanna a daga
a nabayagen a pinanawanna
tapno mabirokanna't gasatna
iti sabali a daga kas ti America
nga inaklonnan a pagtaenganna.

ket iti nabiit laeng a panagbakasionna
a napan immiliw, kimmita ken nagpakita
kadagiti ingungotenna a kakabagianna
nagtugmoken ragsak ken liday a di mamingga
ta iti panagsublina koman nga agpa-America
lumoganen iti eroplano a mangisubli kenkuana
di napakpakadaan ken ninamnama
ti panagsakit pusona ken ti ipupusayna.

biag, napintas ngem narasi
nupay nalaka wenno nangina
gameng a saluadan ken ilalaen
regalo manipud Ngato kadatayo.

wen, ania man a kanito
no alaenen ti Dios Apo
ti impabulodna a biagtayo
awan pulos mabalinantayo

ngarud, agyamantayo
ken Apo iti biagtayo
ket agbiagtayo
iti kapkapnekantayo
ta daytoy unay a kanito
ti kangrunaan ti biagtayo
ita nga agdama...ita a kanito.

copyright 2011 by chris alibin quilpa

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Away from Home

away     from home
in     to glen allen
here     near richmond
where     the capital of old dominion
home     to eight presidents of the
united states of america.

i     accompanied my wife freny
who's     participating a conference
at     wyndham virginia crossings
hotel     and conference center
here     for a week
that is  from june 26 to july 1st.

what     a feeling
to be     free and
out there     away in order   
to be     near God and His creations
in     verdant mountains
with     tall and green trees
landscaped     lawns and gardens
and open     golf courses
with     blue and clear skies
cool     breeze and, yes
hot sun     brightly shining
over     a placid lake inviting
me     appreciating the beauty
of     Mother Nature
the view     panoramic and pristine
well-planned     environment
that is     conducive
good     and healthy to life.

away     from home
even     for a while
so     refreshing and liberating
exciting     finding Peace
within     me witnessing
to     the beauty and wonder
God's     grandeur and power
in     trees and mountains
flowers     and bees and butterflies
all    with Nature's delight.

copyright 2011 by chris alibin quilpa

Monday, June 27, 2011

Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, Road Trip and Travel Haiku

After Sunday Mass at St. Paul's, my family had lunch at Captain D's Seafood Restaurant. After eating, we drove to a gas station and filled up our van. Then, we went home to get ready for another road trip to north western part of the Old Dominion that afternoon. That is, we're bringing Tintin back to C-ville where she's having her summer internship and a seminar class. We picked her up last Thursday afternoon because  our plan was that on Friday evening at eight we would all see Andrew who's performing in Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew at TCC (Tidewater Community College) Chesapeake Campus, open theatre. By the way, Freny and I have already watched Andrew and the rest of the cast at the opening night performance on Wednesday. And it was well-worth seeing it, not that my son is in this play.The cast and the crew did an outstanding job, from stage set up and costumes to the acting performances of all cast members. They're like professional thespians in their own right. My first reaction or feedback after watching it was posted on my FB page in which I commended the whole group for producing this Shakespeare in the Groove open theatre. "Kudos to the cast and crew," I wrote. Special credit goes to Dr. Ed Jacob of TCC who directed this Shakepeare open theatre.

To note, the show, which is free and open to the public, runs from June 22 to 26, open theatre at the Chesapeake campus, and June 30 to July 1st at TCC Roper Theatre in Norfolk. Andrew plays the role of Gromio and has been consistently funny and hilarious in each night's performance. As planned, we all went to see Andrew performing again. Thanks God, the weather was quite perfect for that third night showing. Tintin took short video highlights of the performance and also did take photo of Andrew and his co-actors after the performance. Likewise, we had a chance to talk to the director and his wife after the show. Truly, we had a lively conversation. And, of course, our topic was on Andrew and his comedic performance. 

Now, going back to Sunday afternoon after Mass and lunch. As I've mentioned in the first paragraph, we're heading for C-ville to drop Tintin back in her apartment after spending the three-day weekend with us. Freny drove our van, as usual. While on the road, we encountered slow traffic, after half an hour away from home. Why was it so slow? We found out afterwards that there was an accident. And so, here's my...

Travel Haiku #2

two-car accident
on the way to Charlottesville
but arrived safely.

Freny loves driving
anywhere she shares the road
trip away from home.

travelling on land
sights and sounds abound around
trees, plains, rest areas.

while I navigate
aware of traffic patterns
she drives cautiously.

cars and varied cars
going with the flow of life
goes smoothly the trip.

music fills the air
hastening our travel time
to enjoy, relax.

travelling expectation
to destination.

copyright 2011 by chris alibin quilpa

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime Thoughts

#1. Summertime is...

a respite from school/work
however, ephemeral it may be.

a break from cold spell
though fleeting it may be, too.

a retreat to the cool mountains
communing with Nature.

the running away from it all
if only for a moment...

the time to be more intimate
with Nature and ourselves.

#2. Ah, It's Summer!

whew! it's hot!
but, it's fun to lay down
on the sand with the sun
and the breeze from the trees
and the free and expansive seas.

now, you're here...
with your colors and creations
shades and shapes in shirts and shorts
in songs and shows in fairs and festivals
in games and dances with peers in cheers
with their jokes and jeers, no fears and tears!

here and there, everywhere...
partying, picnicking, camping and hunting
surfing and sailing, cruising and chasing
racing and rapping to the beat and the heat
of simmering, sweltering, sizzling summer!

like sparkling water on a stream
sodas and coolers, beer and wine
flowing freely, with so much sweat
flowing profusely, under the sun
with so much fun...all around
on the beach, to the fields
in the woods, at the park
under the sun, having fun
under the shade, colors won't fade
'cause they get brighter every summer!

copyright 2011 by chris alibin quilpa

Have a Safe Summer, Everyone!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 19th is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to All Fathers in the World! Here's A Poem for Father's Day/ A Blessing for Fathers*

Today is a special day
to pay tribute to you
Father, our role model
who sets a good example
for us to follow and emulate.

You're there to lend a hand
when we're down and troubled
you cheer us up and brighten our day
you comfort us and give us hope
inspire us with your kindness.

You guide us and strengthen us
protect us from worries and anxieties
you show us life's wonders and mysteries
life's complexities and uncertainties
challenges and possibilities.

Father, we thank you
for the life you've shared us
the love you've showered us
the lessons you've imparted us
and the values you've instilled in us.

We love you, Father!
Happy Father's Day!

copyright 2011 by chris a. quilpa

A Blessing for Fathers*

May God bless you and guide you
in your very special role as a father.

May it always be for you
a joy and a privilege.

May you cherish your children
from birth through adulthood
as unique and precious
gifts from God.

May you always love
and forgive them,
as God loves and forgives you.

May you be quick to praise
and slow to find fault,
and may you be wise
in all your decisions.

May God reward you abundantly
for all your fatherly love and care.

And may God bless all our fathers
who have gone to their rest.
May they find comfort and joy
in the arms of their heavenly Father. Amen.

*From a bookmark that I've kept since 1996. Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of Fathers.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Strolling Around the Neighborhood (with a Note*)

Thursday, today
alone, on my own
I walked around
our neighborhood
of houses mostly
with two floors and lawns
houses with various colors
but with characters
appealing and welcoming houses
surrounded by trees
tall and small, and
trimmed shrubs and bushes
giving off oxygen
the fresh air I need
while walking alone
with my shorts and shirts
the sun hides behind
those clustered clouds
then scattered, again
the sun appears
smiling sweetly, this time
as I continued my strides
at my own pace
slow but sure to stroll
unmindful of undoubtful
speeding sedans and SUVs
and fellow residents
passing over me
with their pets
mostly leashed dogs
cute and not so
lovely-looking but
groomed and pleasing
nevertheless with character
like their owners
conscious (but suspicious, maybe?)
of others roaming around
like me, brown and bold
fearless and free
and faithful, I believe
in Jesus, my inspiration
my guide and refuge
in this life of loafing
trying to do His will
(I can only suppose so)
enjoying the present
the now, they say
as precious as time is
the moment to cherish
watching intently, with delight
and listening to the birds
on the trees, under the bushes
hopping on the manicured lawn
(near the Recreation Facility)
with their sweet songs
of life and love.

strolling around
the neighborhood
of houses and trees
of cars and trucks
of fellow residents
out there under the sun
under the azure sky
with birds and flowers
sweet and lovely
fresh ideas flow 
like the cold breeze
of June relieving
the impending heat
that is yet to come
this summer.

copyright 2011 by chris a. quilpa

*NOTE: Arriving, feeling well, in front of our house, I had the motivation to pull out some dandelions popping out on our lawn, then put them on the trash bin by the curbside ready to be emptied by the trash collector today. A while ago while walking around, I happened to see the truck going around collecting trash in other section of our community. Well, as soon as I opened the front door of our house, I went straight upstairs to our room. I took a quick shower right after that inspiring but sweaty one-hour walk. I was such in a hurry after shower. Why? I wanted to catch up with that breakfast at Hardee's. You know, their special breakfast platter and their signature cinnamon n raisin biscuits which I always look forward to every morning. They only serve that up to 11 A.M.

Well, it was already quarter to eleven when I left the house. On the way, by the 7 Eleven convenient store  on the right corner (the spot where Freny had a minor car accident years ago), I encountered traffic to a halt. I didn't panic but I was just conscious and concerned about the time. I may not be able to "enjoy" that breakfast or "brunch" at Hardee's if the time is up, I thought. What can I do? Nothing, nothing I could do but wait for the traffic to be cleared and the signal light to turn green. Lo and behold, as soon as the opportunity to move occurred, and my route cleared, I tell you, I sped up a little bit, but not that much, though. (Thankfully, no police officer was patrolling/roaming around. And, there you go, after making a left turn on the second stop light, then a right turn passing a railroad track, and another right turn, finally, I arrived at my destination. Hardee's here I am! Thanks to God, I found a shady parking spot for our (gas guzzler, lol!)2008 Toyota Sienna. Mind you, it was a minute or two, almost eleven when I entered one of the entrance-exit doors of Hardee's. Yey, I beat it! The eleventh hour, I mean!

To the female black lady cashier, I ordered a small cup of decaf coffee (with cream and sugar, of course), a copy of the daily The Virginian-Pilot ( I've been an avid reader and subscriber of this award-winning Hampton Roads newspaper for over a decade, but I stopped renewing my subscription because I observed that nobody in my household, except me, reads it!), six-pack of cinnamon n raisin biscuits, and that breakfast platter which I have a choice of ham, sausage, or strips of bacon (I always opt for the latter, as usual), and a small cup of water. There's my breakfast or "brunch."

Wow, that was great! What a beautiful and blessed Thursday today! I can't complain. I concur, each time I say that I have to live one day a time! Thanks to God for I'm still alive. Let me drink to that, with decaff or cold water!

Still at Hardee's after my "brunch", scribbling some lines (my draft, the one's you're reading right now), I heard my cell phone ringing. It's Freny on the line. I told her where I am/was. She said she's coming home. Well, our agreement was that she's driving to where I am/was. That's why I got stuck at Hardee's...Waiting, waiting, and continued waiting for Freny coming from her school (this is their last day, and tonight at seven is the Graduation Day for their students in high school), I notified one of the black lady cashiers to please keep an eye at my stuff on the table while I use the rest room. She said, "Ok, no problem." And for that I thanked her kindly.

Back to my table with my stuff, after using the rest room, I was running short of patience because there's no Freny yet within the four walls of the restaurant. (I may have waited for her for almost two hours!) Finally, I've decided to leave Hardee's and go to the library. And that's what I did. While driving on the way to the library, I phoned Freny (I suspect she dropped by at our house), told her that I was on my way to the public library. She was saying, "I'll be there in a couple of minutes." But I told her, "I'm on my way to the library" and if she decides to come over there, it's up to her. In ten minutes, I arrived at the library. This is a public library I frequently visit. While parking our van on one of the designated parking spots of the library, I happened to see unexpectedly a familiar face who was walking towards the parking lot.. As soon as our van was properly parked, I called out for Michelle, a fellow parishioner of St. Paul's. I got out of the van and walked towards her. As usual, we exchanged greetings. "Good to see you, Michelle," I said. "Good to see you, too," she answered smilingly. Then,  I was quick to mention her about the meeting-reception we, volunteer liturgical ministers, have had at Church of the Resurrection two days ago. She wasn't there. She said she's attending a class over there, something about the new changes of the Roman Missal. I forgot what day/s she said. Anyway, I said, "that's good," Well, I told her, "nice to see you." She answered, "me, too. Take care." And with that we said to each other, "see you later."

At the library, I transcribed on the computer what I've written at Hardee's. And, here, I've been...for a couple of hours finishing this up. Thanks for this day, Thursday, and for the opportunity afforded to me by the library. My today's story-blog is finished. Thanks to Jesus (my Guide and Inspiration, my True Friend, and my Saviour, always)!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In Preparation for the New Changes/Translation of "Missale Romanum" for the Catholic Mass

Changes are inevitable. Whether we like it or not, we have to accept and embrace them for they are an integral part of life. After all, changes are necessary in life in order for us to grow and develop, and to move on in life for the better. Changes are what make life meaningful, and purposeful. Our physical and spiritual life, therefore, is a series of metamorphosis and transformation.

Originally printed in Latin in 1474, the "Missale Romanum" or Roman Missal is the one red book, the combined Sacramentary and the Lectionary for Mass, often used by the priest/pastor during the celebration of the Mass. It contains collection of prayers, sacred/gospel songs or chants, and instructions or rubrics to celebrate the Mass. Through the years, and with the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), the missal has undergone revisions, transformations, and texts translations into various dialects/vernaculars, and languages, notably English. It became two separate books: the Sacramentary which consists of prayers, chants, and instructions or rubrics in the celebration of the Mass, and the Lectionary for Mass (the four volumes of Sacred Scripture). In 1969, the Roman Missal was first translated into English. Then, it was revised in 1975. In 2001, the liturgical commission in Rome, the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, produced a document "Liturgiam Authenticum," which called for the literal translation of the original Latin texts into English and other languages and/or dialects/vernaculars. Commissioned group of Bible scholars, poets, and theologians gathered together and worked for the Missal's third English translation. On April 30, 2010, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments approved and announced "recognitio" of the third English translation. Hence, as widely-publicized in Catholic churches around the United States and other English-speaking countries, the new Roman Missal (English) translation texts will be implemented the First Sunday of Advent, November 27, 2011. (For more information about the new Roman Missal, please log on to

Yesterday, Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 (the solemn observance of Flag Day in the United States), my wife Freny and I participated in the Cluster Parishes Liturgical Ministers Reception at the (Catholic) Church of Resurrection in Portsmouth, Virginia, at seven in the afternoon/evening. Over one hundred people showed up or gathered together in the church. As parishioners and volunteer liturgical ministers (and also me being a volunteer Lector) of St. Paul's, we're happy and delighted to see/meet again our fellow liturgical ministers and old and new friends from other clustered parishes. Mr. Jeff Foster, Cluster Parishes Coordinator, welcomed us participants and discussed briefly about the church event. Rev. Father David Cupps, pastor of the four clustered parishes of St. Paul's Catholic Church, Church of Holy Angels, Church of Resurrection, all in Portsmouth, and St. Mary's Catholic Church in Chesapeake), welcomed and thanked us all for our presence and participation. Then, began the celebration with our opening song of faith (accompanied on the piano by Mr. Nick Nespoli, St. Paul's pastoral musician)  followed by our sign of the cross. Fr. Cupps read the Gospel which spoke about all of us, called to be the Salt and Light of the world. Cecelia Brown, a parishioner and volunteer Lector and Extraordinary Minister for Holy Communion at St. Paul's, read the Prayer of the Faithful. We participants had the opportunity to practice answering the new response to greetings by the priest/pastor when he says, "the Lord be with you..." as "And with your spirit." The reply currently used by all faithful is "And also with you" which will be used until Nov. 27, 2011. Yes, "And with your spirit" will be  our new response. Well, we'll get used to it, as expected. It's just a matter of time and constant practice until we get comfortable to the changes in the Roman Missal. Then, Mr. Nespoli accompanied us to the singing of "This is the Light of Mine" in the end.

To conclude the celebration, we had a simple reception in the church's multi-purpose hall where we had fellowship, and shared food prepared by a number of volunteer parishioners of the four clustered parishes. Likewise, we had the opportunity to listen to John, a parishioner of St. Paul's, explaining or discussing, via Power Point presentation, about the booklet "Understanding the Revised Mass Texts," Second Edition, 2010, (written by Fr. Paul Turner, a diocesan priest of Kansas City). We went over the parts of the Mass, and the prayers ( like the new or revised translation texts). There was also Q (question) and A (answer) session following the presentation. Some of the clustered parishioners fielded their questions about the new Roman Missal texts revision/translation. Once in a while, during the course of the session, Fr. Cupps and Mr. Foster alternately stepped in to answer/clarify some questions posed by parishioners.

It was almost 9 pm when the successful gathering was over. Admittedly, we had a good time. Delighted and thankful I was to see and talk to our longtime friend Regina (a parishioner of Church of Holy Angels) whom we haven't seen for a while. Thanks to God, she looks great at her age!

Yes, we learned something new from the reception/gathering. We do hope and pray that we continue to remain actively involved in our parish, and that we can always reach out and make a difference in others, for the love of Jesus Christ, our God and Saviour. Amen.

Monday, June 13, 2011

There, Perusing in the Library ( A Keen Observation)

you grow big
in the library
you can rest
and take a nap
you take a break
from daily routine
yes, you're at peace
(with less/no stress)
in the library
quiet and roomy
cozy and comfy
despite the sound
of computer keys
and whispers of users
you feel relaxed
amused and excited
again, you feel good
while in the library
you roam around
go places you like
you soar, you roar
in your mind
in the library
you can be full

again, in the library
you read and watch
and play and hear
the books and magazines
newspapers and posters
that surround you
and others there
in the library
there's a smile
a delightful one
that's spontaneous
from reading an article*
in TNYT magazine
that made your day

copyright 2011 by chris a. quilpa

*The Perfumed Cuban (Conversation with a stranger on a bus trip across America) by Andres Felipe Solano, a Columbian writer/novelist.

Reading The New York Times Magazine's Voyages in America, A Special Issue, 12 June 2011

closings and openings
winter and summer
departures and arrivals
fall and spring
night and day
rain or shine
we struggle
after fall
we rise
ready to face
life, again
we meet
we encounter
challenges and changes
and before we know
we are transformed
reborn and refreshed
again, we smile
to our failures 
and victories
we cherish
what matters
every moment
that passes
for we are mortals
frequent travelers
going in circles
purposefully and hopefully
searching for life
outside our own
outside our comfort zone.

copyright 2011 by chris alibin quilpa

Travel Haiku*

traffic on the road
our trip and travel delayed
music filled the air.

downpour on our way
after a rest area stop
our driving went on.

up the sun cleared sky
travel resumed so smoothly
C-ville we arrived.

copyright 2011 by chris alibin quilpa

*composed 12June2011, Sunday afternoon, while on our way to Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Stars and Stripes (On Flag Day, June 14th)

You're everywhere---
at home, in schools, city halls
and embassies on foreign shores,
in The White House and in the U.S. Capitol,
federal buildings and hospitals,
tall structures and historical landmarks,
museums and national parks,
at the United Nations headquarters,
in churches and cemeteries,
counties, cities, and states,
up in the air, all over the seas,
on the moon up above...

You're everywhere---
here and there, flying so freely,
feeling so proudly, standing up so firmly;
the insignia of our country,
the emblem of democracy
Stars and Stripes, in red, blue, and white,
a symbol of our pride, freedom, and unity;
a symbol of our hope, power, and beauty!

Copyright 2011 by Chris Alibin Quilpa

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Like Waves

Friends come
and go
like waves
in the ocean
they come
and go
and as they go they leave
us memories and experinces
to remind us all
the bondings and happenings
they've made all
the tears and laughters
they've shared all
the connections and contributions
they've done with all
the snow, the rain, the sun
the walk, the rush, the skate, the sun
and the motive, the objective
the mission, and all the fun
as they continue
to work, to play
to sing, to dance
with us
to dream, to scream
to live with us
until they're gone
completely gone
leaving everything
they have done.

Friends come
and go
like waves
in the ocean
they come
and go
and as they go
they leave us
everything to remind us

copyright 2011 by chris a. quilpa

For Sister Betty on Her Birthday

we'd lived together
in a small "nipa" house
with Amang and 'Nang Baket
and Manang Anding and her young
family within a big, yet struggling, family
of ours, remember, my dear and loving Manang?
those days with our neighbors, relatives, your friends
those fond moments-memories to cherish and linger on
and we survived the challenges and changes and the struggles
we encountered, experienced, overcame all the hardships and turmoils
like everybody else, we aspired, believed, dreamed, kept our hope and faith
while one by one of our family went his/her ways to find his/her niche under the sun
we stayed together, then moved on to places new and foreign, at first, to you and me
we each got settled, built our own families, but kept in touch and shared our life's nuances
in spite of the distance in time and space, we've remained the best ever siblings we can be
in sickness or in health, in war or in peace, in all calamities that befall us, we remain strong and in unity
with our family, with the rest of humanity, because of the strong, flexible bond we have as brother and sister.
yes, Manang Betty, you're special to me because you have a heart that is always capable of caring and loving.
I thank you so much, Sister, for always being there for us all, for being the best Sister in the whole wide world. may God bless you, and shower you with all the blessings you so deserve! I love you, my caring and loving Sister Betty.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Glowing Spring

When the sun is up
and the sky is clear
there is warmth all over
there is no more fear.

When the land is green
our vision's so keen
that everyone gets excited
to be out there and moving
singing and dancing
playing and cheering
for it is still Spring!

While the sea is smiling
to beach-lovers cavorting
we hear melodious sounds of Spring
welcoming the rebirth and renewal
of living and loving.

In sunny, glowing Spring
we see flowers blooming
leaves of trees sprouting
colorful birds warbling
butterflies fluttering
busy bees buzzing
and humming...

copyright 2011 by chris quilpa

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Am...*

a giver, a receiver, a thinker, a loafer I am
a builder, a destroyer, a lover, a hater I am
a buyer, a seller, a maker, a user I am
a learner, a teacher, a researcher I am
a follower, a leader, a preacher I am
an actor, a spectator, a performer I am
a being, an entity, a creature I am
a dot, a speck, a line, a figure I am
a poem, a song, a story, a novel I am
a solid, a liquid, a gas, an element I am
an idea, a thought, a reason I am
a letter, a word, a phrase, a sentence I am
a dirt, a stone, a ground, a land I am
a well, a pond, a river, an ocean I am
a seed, a plant, a shrub, a tree, a forest I am
an apple, an orange, a grape, a banana I am
a carrot, a potato, a tomato I am
a moment, a second, a minute, an hour I am
a day, a week, a month, a year I am
a decade, a century, a millennium I am
the part, the sum of who, what, where, when, why, and how
I am...

copyright 2011 by chris a. quilpa

*appeared in SKIPPING STONES, an anthology of Hampton Roads, Virginia poets, artists, & photographers, published in 2005 by the Chesapeake Bay Poets, Mindworm Press, Chesapeake, VA. The book was edited by Pete Freas and assisted by Eddie Dowe and Jeff Hecker.