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Thursday, January 26, 2012


(Intro Note: I don't have a dog at the present moment. But looking back, we have had one when I was young in the Philippines. I'm thinking or considering to have one. Now, this morning, while in the restroom, with a copy of the latest National Geographic magazine (which I've been an avid reader-subscriber for years) and perusing it, I thought of writing something about dogs. Photos in my blog post are from National Geographic. No copyright infringement intended. Thank you. :)


like men and women
they are different
they are unique
they are special.

like men and women
they have names
they have colors
and personalities.

they're one of a kind
they're cool and beautiful
they are therapeutic
Man's best friends, they say.
bichon frise, bloodhound, French bulldog
chihuahua, chow chow, Chinese crested
boarded/bearded collie, cardigan/Pembroke Welsh corgi
dachshund, Great Dane, Dogue de Bordeux,
Brussels griffon, Italian greyhound, Afghan hound
Belgian malinois, Tibetan mastiff, Greater Swiss mountain dog,
papillon, Doberman pinscher, poodle, pomeranian, pug
great pyrenees, German short-haired pointer, black-haired puli
Chesapeake Bay retriever, golden retriever, labrador retriever
Rhodesian ridgeback, rottweiler, Saint Bernard, saluki
schnauzer, Chinese shar-pei, Icelandic sheepdog
English setter, Gordon setter, Irish setter
Australian/German shepherd, English Springer spaniel
Australian terrier, Dandi Dinmont terrier, Yorkshire terrier
gray wolf...

dogs they are
able and capable
dependable and reliable
like men and women
of goodwill!
(c) chris a. quilpa


  1. Replies
    1. Wow, it's been two years ago and I'm still "dogless," Son! I've been fascinated by dogs I've come across lately, while doing my short walks around the neighborhood. In fact, I've taken photos of a number of them that their owners have given me the go signal to photograph these lovely creatures. We'll see...I haven't decided yet whether to have one. You know, it's a responsibility to have one, too, because you have to treat him/her as one of your family members. We'll see...

    2. Finally, I got one 11 weeks-old "chorkie" puppy, after 3 years since I wrote the above blog post. See my latest article/blog dated June 30, 2015, "A new puppy in the house," which appeared in Suffolk News Herald's Opinion page, June 30, 2015..