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Friday, January 27, 2012

Exploring More About Blogging

Yesterday, I didn't do any narratives, except visiting Facebook and answering a question or two posed by one of our FB friends from Canada(asking me why I have two names and what name do I prefer to be called), posting a poem on my blog, and learning to use a video from YouTube on my blog (after several attempts, I did it. Yey! But I still have to repeat doing it over to really consider it a learning success.). Please see Vigan, Ilocos Sur: A UNESCO World Heritage Site (A Video), my blog posted yesterday, 26Jan2012. I'd like to mention that I don't own that video but the uploader or YouTuber, soundtrack08, et al. Thank you YouTube and Blogger and Google for the learning experience.

Likewise, yesterday, I visited and read and/or watched a couple of blogs. Worth-mentioning was this blog (in Portuguese) in which all photographs were shown. I tell you, guys, I was blown away watching the photos that were so clear, so natural and beautiful that I couldn't help but write a short comment commending the photographer and/or blogger. One of the photos that struck me was this picture he took while in Rome, Italy, particularly in Florence (Firenze). It was a nostalgic moment for me; I felt so good, so happy yesterday because I was reminiscing my days when I visited that place in 1980. The memory of being there was so vivid for me. Ah, looking back, it was such a memorable "first-time to travel abroad" experience for me. Truly unforgettable! Yes, such a learning experience in Rome, Italy has already become a "feel-good" chapter of my life story. Manuel, the blogger, is such an excellent (professional?) photographer. I wonder if some of his photos have been in National Geograhic magazine. I wonder, too, what camera did he use or he's using to capture life as real and clear and colorful as his photographs. He, undoubtedly, has the eyes or the vision for beauty and clarity! I love those flower pictures, too. And, other photos he took from other places in Europe. They're all exquisitely amazing and awesome! I'm so impressed of him. Anyway, kudos to him and I wish him the best. I wish to see more of his "obra maestra."

Now, today is a shady, rainy Friday in 757 or simply Hampton Roads. Still, I would say TGIF! Thanks (to) God It's Friday, that is! My wife doesn't have school-work or class, for they've just finished administering (to their students) final exams for first semester. She explained to me that today and Monday is their teacher work day, grading papers, and finishing up their students' grades. Tuesday, she said, is the start of their second semester. As a Chemistry teacher in one of the public high schools here, she said she's getting used to this kind of class schedule, like in college. I know the feeling because I have "been there, done that."

As I'm writing my blog post, it's raining hard outside. My wife came up to our room and handed me a big cup of oatmeal with organic milk for my breakfast. (She's such a sweet, thoughtful, loving, and understanding wife!)Alright, folks, I've got to park here, in the meantime, as I'm going to eat my oatmeal. See and talk to you, guys, later, okay? Thank you.-chris.a.quilpa,27Jan2012@1000

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