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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We Also Have A Voice

(Intro Note: Culled from my binder-journal 2011, this poem I penned one year ago, 22Jan2011, "while listening to NPR.)

We Also Have A Voice

We also have a voice
but only it is soft
and no one wants to listen
except the wind.

How frustrating 
to have no one
paying attention to us
who fled our native land
to eke out a decent living
to breathe fresh air in the open
to be free from entanglements
and just sing our songs of liberty.

We have a voice
but not so loud enough
to stir a spark
or a sweeping revolution.

We know since birth
that we're flawed
that our genes not pure
our skins rough and dark
our thoughts varied
tinged with numerous colonizers.

Yes, we're displaced
because our voice is not 
loud enough to be heard
by all groups of societies---
blabbers, couriers, dominatrix
rockers and rulers of the Earth.

But we have a voice
only it is soft enough
to be heard by the wind
because we're flawed and fragmented.
(c) by chris a. quilpa

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