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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Me: Yesterday and Today

Though it's a shady, shadowy Saturday today in Hampton Roads (because it's wintertime, folks!), I'd like to cheer myself and you up, my dear FB friends, hoping that all is well, with God's blessings to us all. Smile!

(Note 1: From my binder-journal 2011, here's a poem I scribbled last year, 16Jan2011 (Sunday), in bed, while watching the 68th Golden Globe Awards on TV. I'd like to share it with you. Thank you!)

Having My Hair (Cut) Short Like in Boot Camp

Whew, it's less 
maintenance, I thought
about having a short hair
almost to the skin
of my head getting bald
and, indeed, I did
have a very short hair now
and I'm thankful
for I've never expected
that I'm getting bald
that's true
but what can I do
I'm getting old, too.

Yes, it's less maintenance, I know
don't need to see the barber
and spend more money
for my hair so often.

I like it this way
short hair and next probably
completely bald
someday, I predict
it's inevitable, you know
I'm going bald, yes!
but, do I really like it
this having no hair
on my head?
can't help it
but to accept it
ah, those boot camp days
they're back on me, again!
(c) by chris a. quilpa

(Note 2: below is another poem I wrote one year ago on 20Jan2011 (Thursday) while watching Rachel Ray Show on TV. To " mga kababayan" and FB friends familiar with me, I know, you guys can relate to my poem. I hope so. Thank you.)

Reflective Memories

The day I was born
I had no idea
how and what life was
but I survived
with loving care
from a lot of hands
and loving hearts.

The years that passed
I grew up knowing
how hard life is
when family is not well-to do
but there was hope
there was the struggle
and the endless determination
to make it---to survive life
amidst insurmountable  difficulties
hurdles and obstacles to overcome
along the way...
growing up in the countryside
a barrio called Naguilian 
in Caoayan, Ilocos Sur
where I learned early responsibilities
and life's lessons
fishing, farming, selling
all aspects of loom-weaving...

I went to church and school
hungry for everything 
under the sun---
in life--- knowledge and skills
experiences that strengthened me
and led me 
to places that enriched me
education that empowered
and emboldened me
to fight for my rights
as a human being
imperfect but worthy
with potentials and possibilities
to make a difference in the world.

Happenings around me
they've been part of world history
I didn't mind them all
I let them happen
for I didn't have any
control of those events
much more those natural occurrences
but I learned something
about them, I admit
for they shaped me
(to accept things in life)
to go on and seek my destiny
hopeful to be successful
in my own way
(c) by chris.a.quilpa 

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