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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mere Photographs, No Words

Except for the title Some of my Favorites, Part 1, there were only uploaded pictures in my previous blog entry. I just want you to know something about me, the blogger. There will be more pictures to come as I am trying to learn how to embed pictures, videos, etc. on my future blogs posts.

As you may have noticed, I've started putting pictures on my previous blog posts already. Yes, I know and am aware that having pictures makes my blog entries a bit more appealing and interesting to read. I think so because I've been visiting and reading other blogs, too, and I'm so impressed by the lay-out, and those pictures that appropriately accompany the blog entries. But, of course, I prefer to read a blog that has pictures and/or videos embedded with the posted entry. The fact of the matter is that we're a visual being. We just love to see pictures. It just seems dry and flat to see/read a blog or an article without  accompanying photograph/s.

Pictures capture our imagination. There may also be hidden meaning or message/s that we have to decipher or discover in order to have a deeper understanding of what we're reading. At times, words aren't enough to describe such a picture and sometimes the picture may represent a body of knowledge or an idea. Hence, they can help make us think and react, either positively or negatively.    

Pictures or photographs can trigger us to act, to be bold, to do something to help solve something of a problem. They help us to be inspired to make a difference for the world. They are powerful images that can make us smile, laugh, happy, and entertained. Likewise they can make us cry, sad, or even mad.

Just mere photographs can sometimes be the only things we need to be able to communicate with others. Sharing these pictures to others can help to understand us, to respect one another, thereby creating peace and harmony with the rest of humanity. Only pictures, we say, but they are powerful means to inspire us, to eventually change us to become a better person. Yes, folks, pictures can be a catalyst of change and reforms.

Until next time around, and thanks for being with me. Good night and sleep tight.-chris a. quilpa, 10Jan2012

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