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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yey, It's a Three-Day Weekend!

I didn't even realize, until today Saturday, that it's a three-day weekend here in the U.S. (That means three days of no work for public/government or civil service employees, and contract employees working for the government, and some private school teachers/employees.)

Monday is a United States federal holiday because it's Martin Luther King, Jr.'s (Birth)Day! (Public offices are  closed; no school for both public and private teachers and students on Monday.) The holiday is observed on the third Monday of January, each year, which coincides with MLK, Jr's birthday anniversary, January 15.

Martin Luther King, Jr's Day was first observed by some states on January 20, 1986, three years after then President Ronald Reagan signed the law in 1983. Since 2000, it has been officially celebrated by all 50 states of the Unites States. It's also celebrated in the cities of Hiroshima (Japan) and Toronto (Canada.)

A world-famous civil rights leader, and an advocate of non-violence, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the recipient of  the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was assassinated in 1968. (At this time, about 7:35 AM, Eastern Standard Time, as I am writing my blog, the topic about MLK, Jr. is being discussed on PRI's Bob Edwards' Weekend on NPR. But then I have a restroom call. I've got to go...There, I prayed (partly) my rosary while I did my thing, you know what I mean, my regular routine. Ha, ha, ha.)

[Now, I'm back to our bedroom and to my blogging. (At this time, my wife is still in slumberland, our alarm-clock-radio stopped broadcasting because it's past 8:00 o'clock AM. As usual, it sounded off automatically at 6 AM). I decided to continue with my praying the rosary later. I stopped on the 3rd Joyful Mystery, the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.]

Where were we, folks? Ah, we're talking about the three-day weekend which starts today. (For others, it has already started yesterday after work! And to some, it may extend up to four days, or more, believe me! I know!) I betcha, you guys have already made plans, in advance. What you gonna do, where to go, etc. To some of us, we don't care. Come what may, as they say. Living one day at a time, huh. Good idea! Yes, today, living the present moment is what matters to us at this time. Now, as for me, I may as well continue my rosary. Talk to you, folks, later. See ya....Shhh, quiet now, please! Thank you.

Thanks to God! I did finish praying my rosary by 8:40 AM. My wife is still sleeping,  while I am on my laptop. And, on to FB, briefly. I just responded to my friend and former classmate in college, Joe's message. Glad and thankful to hear from him. I had a good time with him and Zenen, and Banong (who happend to be on vacation, too, from Down Under, that time) while  I was on a short vacation in PI in Nov 2009. Memories linger on...I had a good time when we went to his brother's resort (a very cozy place, indeed!). I enjoyed that lunch with them at that Flower Garden (I forgot the name of that place somewhere in Vigan) and at Max's with a number of our classmates and family members, too.Sort of like a reunion, reminiscing our college days at our alma mater, DWCV. Wish I have had more time with them and some of our other Batch'77 mates around! OMG! Eureka! I have here with me my notebook/journal 2009, while recalling and trying to find where I kept those souvenir pictures, with family and friends on my PI vacation 2009. (I'll see if I found them I'll share them with you, folks.) On my 11Nov09 (Wed) journal entry reads:

"Manang Zeny and co. (Myrna, Aida, Mila, and Benelyn) were with us. We ordered chicken, seafood, fried boneless "bangus" or milkfish, etc. and for dessert, we had tapioca. Then, we had picture-taking, like a reunion. We, four males, hang around the Heritage City of Vigan while the female teachers (Manang Zeny and co.) left for their school after lunch. (We agreed to meet at Max's just for lunch. They had to go back to school to teach.) 
Zenen went back to his Vigan Escolta Store to have his siesta, he said, while Banong, Joe and I went to Venus Photo Center to have our pictures from Banong's camera to be developed or reprinted (hard copies). While waiting for the pictures we walked around Plaza Maestro area, went in to National Bookstore where I tried to find out if they have Oceanography Workbook (my wife's order at that time because she has one teaching load in school where she currently teaches Chemistry, via her long distance call lately)---only to find out they don't have. I bought a couple of copies of Bannawag, Kangrunaan a Magasin Dagiti Ilokano (The Premier Magazine of the Ilokanos), and an English-Filipino-Ilokano dictionary, and a number of 2009 calendars. From there, we went back to Venus Photo Center, near PNB, where this time the pictures were available for pick up.
From Venus Photo Center, we walked our way to Chowking where Joe, Banong, and I had "halo halo" with two scoops of ice cream each as toppings. Yummy! So refreshing that sweet treat!
Then, we bid each others' goodbye and have agreed to have another get together all four of us on Friday @ 10-11 AM---either to go to Cabugao (I overheard?) or somewhere.
Took a tricycle back to Nagulian and the two (Joe and Banong) walked their way back to Zenen's place.
 Arriving at Manang (or sister) Susing's place, I saw brother Zaldy, JR and other folks enjoying "halo halo." They offered me (a glass) but I told them I just had one, with my friends in Vigan, at Chowking's.
Manang Susing and others have decided to go to mayor Mario's house in Caoayan for dinner. He invited us all (with his personal invitation. He came to Mamang Susing's and handed me his invitation card!). I have decided to stay home---not so interested to go...I did feel like not going, lazy, call it, or just plainly tired! Anyway, I've been already or seen his Rest House in Tamurong, in the middle of the fields/farms, overlooking the mountains from afar.
Being alone or going solo at Manang Susing's, I did have a light dinner with steamed rice and "sinigang na ipon," cooked or prepared by my niece Nenet, For dessert, I had a piece of banana and also young coconut, while watching the 7 PM news over channel---(ABS-CBN). Learned that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is visiting RP (or PI)...Dis take a quick shower/bath. Then, my niece Cora and her husband JR and their young daughter arrived from the dinner at Mario's in downtown Caoayan. They said they left early. Lots of people and food, they said.
After an hour or two, my sisters Edna, Manang Susing, Nenet and other folks around arrived, too. Edna, I learned, bought "balut," Girlie, one of my "apos" offered me one but I said I just had dinner. Therefore, I declined, and/but thanked her anyway.
Had to go upstairs, after brushing my teeth---getting ready for bed. Prior to sleeping I took my meds. And, did put eye drops on both eyes...Good Night, Jesus; I love you!
Did try to call my wife @8PM (PI time) but the cell phone just went low battery or no load? I had it check by Sabel (one of the daughters of our neighbor Manong Ben) and she charged or had it charged/plugged in while I went up to sleep."

Oppps, I have to stop writing my blog now. My wife, already up, and now handed me a cup of oatmeal with Organic milk for breakfast. Okay, I'm posting this piece for you, my friends out there around the world. I know, I'm aware, I'm too verbose, wordy, and too detailed? Can't help it. Bye! Have a nice weekend, everyone! Take care. Until next time around. (Time now, EST is 1037 AM)

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