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Saturday, September 1, 2012

First of 'BER Months Post, A Poem, A Package, and Photos

Happy Saturday, everyone! Ah, it's the first day of the 'BER months, I realize. That means Summer is winding down and in a few more weeks we're welcoming Fall or Autumn---cooler months ahead, I hope. (That would mean I'd be turning off our centralized A/C unit in the house to give it a break. And if it gets colder , especially on nights,as we usher in to Fall season and Winter, I'd switch on to heater.) That also means it's back to school for all public elementary and secondary students in America and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. (Private school students, and University students as well, have already been back to school a week or two ago.) Actually, public school teachers, like my wife, have reported 22 August 2012. But their students won't be back 'til after Labor Day, Monday, 3rd September 2012. Happy Labor Day, everyone! BTW (By the way), don't work too hard; have fun, too!

Yesterday morning, at about seven, while still in our bedroom, I don't know but I found myself scribbling some lines (in Filipino) in my Composition Book...
Parehas Lang Tayo

Kinakain ko

ang kinakain mo
parehas lang tayo
na may utak at puso.

Dito sa America

kung matiyaga ka
mabubuhay ka
magtatagumpay ka
dahil malaya ka
kahit may kapinsanan ka.

Itong kalayaan sa America

nagbibigay buhay, pag-asa, at sigla
inspirasyon sa lahat ng madla
sa buong mundo na may tiwala.

Hinihinga mo

hinihinga ko
pantay-pantay lang tayo
nilikha ng Apo.
(c)2012 by chris a. quilpa

Here's my raw English translation (today) of the above poem. I do hope I did justice in my translation (although there are translators out there who are adept and experts, well-versed, in their craft. I salute you guys!)

We're Just Equal and the Same

I am eating/enjoying
what you eat/enjoy
we're just equal and the same
with mind and heart.

Here in America

if you're persevering
you live and survive
because you are free
even if you have disability.

This freedom-liberty in America

gives life and hope and strength 
inspiration to many people
and all parts of the world that trust.

What you're breathing/enjoying

I breathe/enjoy
we're just equal and the same
creations of God.
(c)2012 by crhis a. quilpa

(NOTE: After reading a blog post, today, from one of the Catholic bloggers I read and follow, I came to know something about St. Giles, patron saint of those with physical disability. Since I mentioned something about disability in my poem above, I'd like to pray a short, simple prayer with intercession of St. Giles. St. Giles, pray for us! Amen.)

Yesterday afternoon, as my young adult daughter Tintin and I were about to go to the post office to do mails, we found a package at our front door. I already knew that it came from my sister Betty and bro-in-law Dennis in California. Tintin brought it in and I thought of just open it later and to call my sister to acknowledge and thank them both for the package when we get back home. (BTW, my wife Freny and sis-in-law Rose were out, after lunch, to take care of three things/issues to three different places: Hampton, downtown Suffolk, and Chesapeake.)

From the post office where we mailed "Thank You" cards (with some photos inside them) for our folks and relatives in California and in Washington State, we drove our way to Walgreen's where we did print photos from our camera's memory card. Tintin has her own photos to print, too. We just wanted hard copy of our pictures taken while on road trips in C-ville and Washington, DC, and our Summer 2012 Getaway/Get-Together in California, with our families, folks and friends there.

At Walgreen's, I have had nice, friendly conversations and interactions with a couple of customers, and employees at the Photo Shop like Brett, the assistant manager there. I learned from our conversation that he's been working in that company for six years and enjoying it. Though he has a master's degree in Education, with a major in Guidance Counselling, he admitted, he didn't want to "baby-sit" students in schools after his internship. 

One of the customers using the other kiosk at the Photo Shop, a female, middle-aged woman, was very much engaged in our conversation, too. Especially after learning that I retired from the military, like her husband,  retired from U.S. Air Force. She said she's  originally from New York, of Italian descent. But now they're residing in Yorktown. 

You know, my dear friends, I feel blessed each time I meet people who are, to me, easy to get along with, and  that you can relate to. Unpretentious and genuine they are, they exude that kind of enthusiasm and the more you're animated dealing/conversing with them. (I realize that wherever and whoever you are, and whatever you do, it doesn't matter. As long as you share a common life story, one that is honest and truthful, you're  a gift to others, and they, to you, too, I do believe.) You know, there's that feeling of momentary joy and happiness I experienced while in the course of my human interaction with others. That, to me, is something profound and inspiring. I believe, in my heart, that He's leading me be an instrument of His love and goodness. I hope to remain faithful and good, while alive. After all, I pray to our Almighty God to let me be what He wants me to be. Thank you, Jesus, for being an inspiration in life. Thank you, Lord, for all your goodness and blessings!

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! May God bless us all, always!-chris a. quilpa, 01September2012

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