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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On Praying and Beyond

Happy Wednesday to us all! How are we doing so far? That's good that we're doing well. Thank you, God! And thank you, Jesus!

This morning, with my rosary beads and laptop on, I prayed the Most Holy Rosary of our Blessed Virgin Mary, our Heavenly Mother. I was in sync with the video and following the praying of the rosary, with Glorious Mysteries in mind today. Know what? I'm not proud to tell you that I was using our restroom when I prayed the rosary. Well, there's no better place than the restroom in our master's bedroom upstairs, for me, to pray the rosary. I don't know why but each time I have the urge to use the restroom, especially if I've just drunk water in the morning (mind you, I do believe in water therapy!), I think of praying the rosary already. That's kinda automatic for me. In less than 20 minutes, I'm done. Just like this morning. It was relieving and liberating. That's my feeling. This morning. (BTW, I should state that No copyright infringement intended for using the video which I embedded with my blog post today. As always, I thank YouTube and the uploader of the video used here. Thank you, Google and Blogger, and, of course, Facebook.)
Now, why I do have to pray everyday, you ask me? My dear folks and friends, I believe in the goodness and healing power of prayer, be it short prayer or long, a simple "thank you" prayer or a prayer asking God to forgive me and my sins. I confess, I pray everyday. I pray not only for myself but also for others. I pray for a good or better life, a better, safer world we live in; I pray for our departed, be it my family members or distant relatives. I pray for those victims of different local, national and world events. I pray for our sick and injured and wounded in our midst, everywhere around the world. I pray for my family, folks/relatives, friends (personal and virtual), even my enemies, if there's any (which I doubt or don't think so because I don't want to have enemies, as much as possible.). I pray for peace in my heart. I pray for world peace. I pray for the homeless and poor among us. I pray for those who are up there for their safety and well-being. i pray for our church leaders and world leaders, and the ordinary people, like me, who are trying to make a living and succeed in life.

I can't keep this thing forever in me but I have to tell you this: I have seen a number of the fruits or what I call "products" of my devotion in praying to God, to Jesus, to our Mother Mary. I'm not convincing you to believe me but I believe that my previous prayers have been answered, consciously or unknowingly. Man, I've seen and heard a number of people recovered from their injuries, surgeries, and hospitalizations. I prayed for them as soon as I heard, or found out, that they're in critical condition because of different reasons, such as traumatic brain injury, attempted assassination, random shooting or violence, etc. Some of these patients have been beyond treatment or recovery, scientifically and medically-wise. As a believer, or specifically a Catholic Christian, I believe in miracles just I believe in mysteries. Yes, miracles do happen, I know. I firmly believe that as I've said. In my prayers, I've asked the intercession of a number of our Venerables and Blesseds, and Saints. And, ultimately the intercession of our Savior Jesus Christ.

In my years of existence on Planet Earth, I've come to the realization that there are things that science can't find answers to questions or phenomena that are beyond explanations by experts or so-called authorities in such and such field of knowledge. You know that and I do, too. There are unexplained circumstances, with unexplained good news results, especially on a case-to-case basis. And, I believe and am aware that we have a physical and spiritual life. We live, we die, physically. But spiritually? That's where our belief comes in. Our faith in God is what keeps us altogether, in Heaven, in His Kingdom, when we die physically on Earth. I do believe we'll be reunited with our beloved 'loved ones and Our Almighty Heavenly Father, when it's time for us to go. But when it is not yet time, we have the opportunity to make peace with ourselves and others, to make amends, to rebuild, repair, restore, reform our stained or tainted life that have gone astray or wayward because of environmental-social influences and our abusive, excessive undoing and learned lifestyles. Yes, when it's not time for us to go where we hope to be, we're given the chance to become like the newly-born babies who are pure, innocent, adorable and loving, but helpless and hapless. That's where we rely on the love and goodness of our Lord and Jesus Christ through the people whom we come in contact with and eventually rely to take care of us when we're in dire need of help.

Well, my dear folks and friends, this is all for now. Until next time around. I thank you for your time with me. Take care and have a nice day, everyone! As always, I pray May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 19September2012

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