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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The "Dalits" in our Midst

Today, I was watching videos uploaded by catholicnewsagency on YouTube and I got stuck on one particular video "Christianity Changing Lives of India's "Untouchables." I remember Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She did what others couldn't do, taking care of the sickly and poor in our midst. (Blessed Mother Teresa, pray for us!)

Having been interested in social and societal issues ever since I was in Ms. Rabaino's class way back in third year high school (in the Philippines), issues that pertain to education, immigration, social and economic mobility, poverty, human trafficking, discrimination, etc., and being touched by the topic of the video mentioned above, I found myself  scribbling something in my Composition Book. Here, I'm sharing it with you...

The "Dalits" in our Midst

I ask myself, Why are there "Untouchables" in our midst? 
Who created the existence of their title? 
Why are they called "Outcasts?"
What have they done to deserve such title?
Why are they marginalized?
If they are human beings, like us, what rights do they have?
What role, if any, do they play in society?
I wonder, What can we do to elevate their status?
What can we do to alleviate their sorrows and sufferings, their pains and problems?

As for me, I can pray for the Dalits: 
May God, our Almighty Father, bless them
and keep them safe from harm!
May they know Your Love
as true and saving grace.
May they continue to believe in their abilities 
and capabilities to change their lives and our world.
And may the church leaders and government leaders 
all over the world, in solidarity with all people of good Faith,
do whatever they can to emancipate them and liberate them 
and to help them restore their dignity as fellow human beings. Amen.

Regarding the videos I used to embed herewith my blog post, I'd like to note that No copyright infringement intended. I thank YouTube and the uploaders of the videos. I also would like to thank Google and Blogger. And to Wikipedia and Facebook, of course, for being so accessible in information dissemination. Thanks to all people of goodwill. Lastly, I thank you, God our Almighty Father and His Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, for my life, faith, family, folks, and friends.

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and have a blessed weekend, everyone! May God bless us always!-chris a. quilpa, 15September2012.

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