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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yesterday's and Today's Tale

Good Sunday, everyone! How are you all doing this Fall season? Enjoying the beauty of nature, the changing hues of leaves, and Fall foliage, huh? That's great!

Thanks to God that yesterday after having our continental breakfast in our hotel and eventually checking out in that Suite and Inn at Here/D-ville, we had our van's spare tire on the driver side replaced with a new tire at Here/D-ville Auto Dealership and Service Station. At a cost to us, of course. Anyway, what's important is that our flat tire problem last Friday afternoon (while on the road to Here/D-ville) was solved. Our 2008 van is up and running again!
Yesterday afternoon after five, my wife Freny and I left Here/D-ville for Hampton Roads, leaving behind our daughter Tintin in the company of a fellow college advisor who has become her apartment mate. FYI, Tintin got hired, through Americorp, to work there as a college advisor for one of the high schools in that city.

On the road back to Hampton Roads, it was raining at Here/D-ville, and neighboring towns and cities. But we managed to stop by at a Country Store where we bought local farm produce, a basket of sweet potatoes, a bunch of bananas, a slice of cheese. We also had another stop over at a pizza restaurant and eatery where we took a leak (emptied our bladder, that is!) and bought a medium size pepperoni pizza. As always, for long trips, Freny does the driving. Having a 20/20 vision, she's a cool driver, more experienced, too. (She has been driving ever since her high school days in the Philippines.)

I tell you, folks and friends, I prefer to travel daytime than at nighttime. "It doesn't matter," my wife Freny said. But to me, it does. I want to see things and people around me during the daytime travel or road trip, besides concern for safety and security. How about you, my dear folks and friends? Do you have any time preference when you're on road trip? Any pros and cons for daytime or nighttime travel?

What time did we arrive home from Here/d-ville? Well, it was past 9:00 o'clock last night. Tired but safe! That's how I describe our road trip. Thank you, God, and thank you, Jesus!

This morning, as I was using the restroom in our Master's room (it has become a habit, almost every morning), I listened and prayed along the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, our Savior, on one of the videos I chose on YouTube. Then, after we prepared ourselves, got dressed up, we participated in the second Mass at our parish, St. Paul's Catholic Church. Freny and I were scheduled to do Cup 1 and 2, respectively. That is, we, as volunteer Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, both shared/distributed the consecrated wine, "Blood of Christ" to fellow parishioners. Our (four clustered parishes) pastor, Rev. Fr. David, officiated the Mass. Prior to the start of the Mass, Father David challenged or invited all the parishioners, especially the men, to sing along with the congregation and the church choir. he reminded us that singing church songs is also praying. He said that he'll be watching us all since he's in front of us at the altar. He was just joking or kidding, though. As usual, as one congregation or family of faith, we sang, prayed, praised, listened to the Gospel readings, asked forgiveness for our sins, and and gave thanks to our Almighty God, our heavenly Father for all of His goodness and love for us.

Now, guess where did we go after today (Sunday)'s Mass? Of course we went to have lunch! Where else but at Seafood Restaurant in Chesapeake, one of our favorite eateries. Yeah, we love fish and coleslaw and "hush puppies" and fries, and sweetened iced tea. But, this time, in lieu of french fries, we opted for vegetable salad instead. Yummy! My tummy surely expanded again, man! What can I say but I'm okay. "I'm full!" Thanks, God, for all of your goodness and blessings to us all!

From the restaurant, we dropped by at Dollar Store where we bought some stuff including books and Sunday's edition of an award-winning local newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot.

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Thank you for your time. Take care and have a blessed day, everyone! May God bless us always!-chris a. quilpa, 30September2012

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