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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seasons Change; Fall is Here!

We have cycles and seasons in life. We have sunny days; we have rainy days. We have dry season; we have wet season.

In the United States and other North American and European countries, and some parts of Asia, we have winter, spring, summer, and autumn or fall. We have snowy days; we have sizzling hot, humid summer weather in which we enjoy outdoor life so much with those summer activities and fest events. Then, we have mild temperature that requires us not to turn our centralized AC (air conditioning) unit or heater on. That means we're free to open up our windows, with or without scree, and let the fresh air come in. And then comes the bitter cold, chilly, and snowy winter which prompts, or requires, us to wear our thick, but comfortable, jackets and/or coats, and mittens or gloves, and scarves. Our winter heating bills certainly go up, while our income remains stagnant or frozen like icicles dangling on our rooftops and sticking to branches of trees.

And, then, after the celebrations of Christmas and New year, and the remaining months of winter comes springtime! That is, everything starts to come out again: leaves of trees sprouting, flowers starting to bloom. The sun begins to smile and send its warmth again. And, thus, our life undergoes renewal, revival, and rejuvenation.

Now, my dear folks and friends, it's undoubtedly Autumn or Fall! That means that our days are getting shorter, gray and wet at times, while our nights are longer and colder, inviting to romance and deep, relaxing slumber. The temperature is mild to cold and breezy with early morning mist or fog.

On the other hand, we observe the leaves of most trees are starting to fall, or have started falling one by one, eventually. Some have started to change colors from green to orange to gold or yellow to brown to red. All of these are Fall colors. To see the foliage this season in some mountainous areas or regions of Virginia, such as the Shenandoah Valley, is such an amazing, moving, overwhelming experience; truly a fantastic journey, and a real treat for hikers, mountaineers, and nature-lovers in all of us, I believe. Yes, I've seen these fabulous foliage before and I'll surely see them again this year! In fact, for the past weeks, I've seen some already. Thus, I can't help but appreciate the beauty of nature! And, thank our Almighty God for all the wonderful goodness and blessings in and around us!

I tell you, it's such a relief to be around these trees with their leaves so crispy clear, colorful, and beautiful. It's truly a wonderful, magnificent feeling to be out there appreciating and admiring the beauty of nature in Fall colors. Believe me, it is a refreshing, relaxing, and relieving or soothing feeling to be out there in the open,  under the sun, enjoying the serenity and exquisite beauty of these trees coloring (and covering) our hills, mountains green. What a healthy and amazing feeling! Thank you, God, for these trees!

Let's take time, therefore, to be out there strolling, stretching, walking or jogging, running or biking, or doing other forms of simple physical conditioning. If others can, we can do it, too. (BTW, thanks to YouTube and the uploader of the video I embedded with this blog post of mine. No copyright infringement intended. Thanks to Google and Blogger, and Facebook, too.)
Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful day, everyone! As always, May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 25September2012

Post Script:
The above short article of mine appeared in on 09/25/2008.

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