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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Home-Cooking "Pinakbet" and At Totoy's for Lunch

On Home-Cooking "Pinakbet" and At Totoy's for Lunch

From the fridge, I brought out
frozen veggies for my "pinakbet"
also a pack of beef stew from the Commissary
which I decided to cook first
the way pork "adobo" is prepared
although not marinated to taste.

Something is lacking, I found out
one of the ingredients is missing
to complete my kinda "pinakbet"
aha, that slimy okra we don't have
that I badly need for my dish for dinner.

Once the beef stew was almost "boiled"
I separated the broth from the beef
and saved the broth for my "pinakbet"
the, I added chopped onions and garlic salt
and extra virgin olive oil to my beef stew
and simmer it for a minute or two.

Once the beef stew was cooked 
I set it aside, got ready to go
buy the missing ingredient for my recipe
okra, that is, to complete my "pinakbet."

On the road with me was Tintin
who graduated from college in May
this year, but is still looking for a job
one that she's not sure what it entails.

But we stopped by at Totoy's
where we ate lunch with delight
 truly a fine Filipino dining facility with a style
so contemporary yet cozy and warm
I mean, with kind and warm hospitality 
and quality customer service from Lynn.

With full stomach, and with leftovers to go
we bid Lynn goodbye so we could go
to store next door to buy okra for my "pinakbet"
but we said out prayers before and after lunch
that's just but proper and the best thing to do
for all the goodness and blessings from Above.

Now that I have it all
what I needed for my dish
at home, I didn't waste time at all
but cooked one of my favorite dishes 
of all time, my Ilokano "pinakbet"
that's always the favorite of all my clan.

The table is ready
are you ready, my friends?
"Bon apetit, mi amigos y amigas"
My "pinakbet" has steamed shrimps in it
along with beef stew to add flavor to it!

It's a nice eat, my friends, you won't regret
for it has squash, string beans and eggplant
with ginger and "ampalaya" and, of course, okra
with tablespoon of oyster sauce and olive oil
that's my Ilokano "pinakbet," you know
it's simple to prepare, and easy to cook 
yet tasty, yummy, and healthy for the body!  
(c) 2012 by chris a. quilpa

 Note: I don't own the above video that I embedded with my blog post. No copyright infringement intended. I thank YouTube and the uploader of the video. Thanks to Google and Blogger, too. Thanks to you, dear folks and friends. CAQ

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