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Monday, September 24, 2012

On the Road, In-Between...

Yesterday, my wife Freny, our daughter Tintin and I visited another place in the State; one that we haven't been before. With GPS, it took us three and a half-hour drive to reach the place where Tintin will be working and staying for a year or two, I guess. Thank you, Lord God, for the opportunity.

What a joy and a pleasure to have met Tintin's new friend and apartment mate. We thanked her for helping and accommodating our daughter, even though the two just met yesterday for the first time. But they've been virtual friends already, Tintin said, the fact that ever since she has accepted the job there, the two have been communicating via e-mail and cellphone. FYI, the two are both UVa graduates who are with Americorp program, like our son. I learned that this year's the second year for Tintin's new friend and colleague, like our son. This is Tintin's first year. One thing different, though, is that Tintin and her friend won't be working in the same school. They're assigned to two different schools, we learned.

The school where Tintin will be working, starting October, as a college advisor to third and fourth year students (juniors and seniors) is quite big. And the school campus is spacious and sprawling, I observed. Yesterday, we witnessed a band competition at the campus where there were over twenty high school bands from the State competing for awards and trophies.

Anyway, we're glad and thankful that we've seen the place yesterday. Giving priority to our faith, each time we visit a place, especially for the first time, we always try our best to find a Catholic church. Lo and behold, we got lucky to have someone (from the only Catholic church and school in the area) who graciously volunteered to give us a tour of the church and school! We're quite impressed about the church and the school buildings that are interconnected as if it's one big building. You could get lost, like a maze, if it's your first time, like us, to visit the church and the school. At least, we found that place of worship where Tintin can go each Sunday, if she so decides.

It was late at night when we got back to Hampton Roads. Tired, but relieved that we did see the place where our young adult daughter will be working, probably for ten months in a year. We hope and pray that everything will be all right. I know, she would be encountering challenges along the way. This, being her first employment experience since she graduated college months ago, this year, will certainly be a learning experience for her, like a newcomer in the workforce. We wish our daughter well and we pray that she'll be fine.

Sunday morning, we attended Mass at St. Paul's Catholic. Rev. Fr. David, our pastor, celebrated the Mass with us. After Mass in our parish, we found our way to another church, a Christian Church where our Tintin was scheduled to play piano for the church service there. Surprised we were to see Betty, whom we met last week at Seafood's in Chesapeake. It was a good feeling to know that she found her way to the church the fact that when we first met or came to know her for the first time, she was asking for a Christian church where she can attend and worship. Glad and thankful to see the pastor and his wife, Joanne. And some congregants like the Shaeffers, and a number of others who were familiar to us. As usual, we felt comfortable there, singing and praying and praising with others in attendance in that church. Before, I used to sing for them before the start of the church service. And Tintin used to accompany me on the piano. I feel honored and delighted to be sharing whatever God-given talents I have for them. At least I learned some of their church songs that are quite similar and yet different, to a degree, to the Catholic's.

After lunch at one of our favorite seafood restaurants in Chesapeake, my wife and I brought our daughter Tintin to C-ville where she said she's going to have two-day training, Monday and Tuesday, at UVa about college advising, etc. Prior to going there, Tintin has made arrangement with her friend and former dorm mate  in one of the students' residential halls where Tintin used to stay, three out of four years while in college there.

Dear folks and friends, you may be wondering why we've been giving a ride or lift to our daughter, each time she has an appointment or a commitment somewhere, one that requires long driving. Well, although she's got a driver's license way back when she was already third year college, she didn't have or wasn't given more opportunity to drive especially for one like her who has lived in Univ campus dorms. Plus she didn't have her own car 'til after her graduation. In short, she needs polishing as far as her driving alone is concerned. She seemed confident to be driving alone by herself already. But for us, her parents, we tend to believe that she has to do a little practice on the wheels.  Not that we don't trust her or that we're not that confident of her ability to drive but we feel that she needs a little practice driving. That's all. That's why we're sort of trying to guide her and let her drive so she'll get used to it. Especially now that she got a job in another county that's 3 1/2 hours drive, one way, to and from Hampton Roads.

Well, as usual, my wife Freny did all the driving because she's the most experienced among us. And she loves it, I tell you. She certainly deserves a pat on the shoulder for being the best and safest driver that we can possibly have in our family. With that, I thank her so much for being the loving and caring wife and mother, and teacher that she is. Thank you, God, for having her in my life, first and foremost. And, thank you, Jesus! My wife and I arrived safely back to Hampton Roads from C-ville two hours before midnight. Yeah, we're on the road almost every day, you know. Thanks to God, we're doing well. I do hope and pray you're doing well, too.

My dear folks and friends, this is all for now. How I wish I would be more detailed in my narrative but I have to sign off now. (I, personally, am kinda tired, at this moment, from being almost always on the road for two consecutive days.) Until next time around. Take care and have a nice day, everyone! As always, I pray May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 23September2012

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