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Saturday, September 8, 2012

When Connected to the Internet

Note: As I'm writing this blog post, I'm listening/watching Jackie Evancho performing in PBS (Public Broadcasting System) television while we're having torrential rain over Hampton Roads. (I'm also listening to and/or watching Eternal Word Television Network, Global Catholic Network (ETWN)'s The World Over with Raymond Arroyo via Possible? Of course, it is. It's just a matter of the degree of attention or focus we put into each activity. (Heard about multitasking, huh?) We have two ears and two eyes, unless we're born sightless and/or deaf-mute, or one is defective. Please, I know what you're thinking. I have nothing against people with disability. Why? I, myself, have physical disability, ok.

How are you, folks and friends around the globe? Are you having a good time so far? That's great! I am, too, living and enjoying the present moment as much as I can. I can't complain. Life is good. Thank to God for all his goodness, love, and blessings.

A few hours ago, I have watched a number of Korean and Thai movies via YouTube. One or two of the movies didn't have English subtitle but I managed to try to get and understand the message of each movie. You know, dear folks and friends, I've realized that the more you're exposed to other cultures the better you have an appreciation and understanding of that nation or country. At least this is how and what I feel. There's no doubt that it is always a learning experience for me to watch movies from different countries, especially when the movies have English subtitle. In this connection, I do appreciate and thank YouTube, in general, for its existence on the Internet. Likewise, I thank the video/movie uploaders for sharing their work and technological skills to the world. As always, I thank my nephew Tony for my laptop (and the battery, and the web camera he gave me lately). To my folks in California, many thanks.

When connected to the Internet, multitasking is possible. Effectiveness, of course, depends on many factors. But, one important thing is the person who's engaging in multitasking. How alert and ready is s/he technologically in those activities? Moreover, personal and educational skills, training and experiences come into play when we're trying to engage in multitasking. I admit, I am not tech savvy. I always consider myself a student trying to learn something new about the Internet/computers and their operation. At least I know a little bit about basic use of the computer, i.e., reading and writing blog/s, using YouTube to watch/search for videos and information, using wikipedia, Facebook, sharing links, etc.

In closing this blog post, I'm still watching PBS, not the young singer Jackie Evancho anymore but a movie. Likewise, I'm watching a soap on Youtube. So, I better sign off now.

Well, until next time around. Take care and have a nice day, everyone! May God bless us always!-chris a. quilpa, 08September2012

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