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Monday, September 3, 2012

Pre-Labor Day Trip to The Capital and Maryland (With Pictures)

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Thank you, Lord, for all laborers and workers, especially those working for Your Glory!

Yesterday after Sunday Mass and lunch, my wife and I traveled to Washington, DC/Maryland. Our young adult daughter Tintin decided to stay home. Our primary purpose why we went to the above-mentioned place/s? To see/visit our young adult son Andrew who currently works in The Capital but recently moved to neighboring Maryland. A recipient of that Jury Duty Survey Question form, he needs to it fill out. That's why we decided to see him personally.

We encountered downpour along the way, while still on the roads in Hampton Roads. Then, again it rained cats and dogs as we were getting closer to the border between Washington, DC and Maryland in the evening. The downpour continued even when we arrived at Andrew's place. Thanks to God, we're good.
My wife and I didn't know or expect that Andrew and three of his fellow tenants in the house (they're renting) that they were busy cooking, preparing dinner. For all of us!

After cooking, they invited us to join them. We expressed our thanks for inviting us to their table that night. We had a good time, sipping table wine as we shared the food on the table. One of Andrew's fellow tenants, a graduate student at CUA (Catholic University of America), Dennis, cooked pork chops. Andrew cooked fried asparagus. Elizabeth, their co-tenant, did cook white rice. Kevin, another doctoral student at Catholic University of America just helped them out set the table, etc. And, he and I started conversation while the three busy were in the kitchen. My wife joined them, too, because we brought frozen home-made egg rolls for them.

I got the honor of leading a prayer asking God's blessing before we partook the food on the table. Same thing when we're done eating, a prayer of thanks. We had an animated/lively conversation at the table, after eating. We had a great time at the table, talking and discussing a whole lot of topics last night, up to the time when it's past bedtime.

September 3rd, Labor Day. A pleasant good morning, at Andrew's where we spent the night. By eleven, in the morning, we bid goodbye and expressed our sincere thanks, especially to Elizabeth, and Dennis, and Andrew, for their warm hospitality. I didn't see Kevin when we left them. Probably he may still be asleep in his room. Anyway, I'd say that I enjoyed Dennis's fried tender pork chop and Andrew's fried asparagus. What a "communal" living can do to these fantastic people! It can turn them into chefs!

From Andrew's my wife and I decided to visit the Basilica and National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception where we had "brunch" and attended daily Mass at 1210 pm. While there, we took a couple of pictures after Mass. We also paid a visit to Poor Clare's chapel, prior to going back home to Hampton Roads. We arrived home safe and sound. Thank you, Lord. And thank you, Jesus! St. Gregory the Great, pray for us! (He is the patron saints of teachers.)

My dear folks and friends, enjoy the photos below which I took on our trip to and from DC and Maryland.

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and Have a wonderful day, everyone! May God bless us all, always!-chris a. quilpa, 03September2012

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