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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What a Wonderful Wednesday!

A wonderful Wednesday to all of you, dear folks and friends! With a gorgeous Fall weather over Hampton Roads, it's such a great or perfect time to be out there, enjoying a 30-minute stroll around the neighborhood this morning at about 9:00 o'clock. Nice, mild weather, with clear, bright, sunny skies, is so conducive to good health, doing even simple physical conditioning such as stretching and brisk walking. Amazing feeling! That is, after praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

After my stroll this morning, I accompanied my daughter Tintin to do her driving so she'll get used to her new car and rules on the road, prior to going to her new job assignment in another city in the State this weekend. As I've previously mentioned in one of my blog posts, she needs a little polishing in her driving. She needs to do a little practice driving around so she'll get used to it. BTW, she has had her driving license since third year college. But she didn't have a need to drive around their Univ campus because she lived in one of the college dorms.

While on the wheel, she got a word from me to drop by at the nearest McDonald restaurant. There, we had breakfast. After breakfast, she resumed her driving with my guidance. She drove to Interstate highway, practiced changing lanes, etc. While on the road, my wife Freny called informing me she has just left school and now on the road (because she took a half-day off just so she'd accompany me to an appointment in downtown). In about 20-30 minutes, TinTin and I arrived home. Freny was by our driveway, still in the car, with engine on. She was taking a nap! She was surprised when I woke her up.

After taking a quick shower and getting dressed up, I, along with Freny, went to my appointment in downtown. Tintin decided not to join us.

What an another learning experience for me to have gone to that appointment downtown today! First, Freny and I got to see the new building in downtown for the first time. (It's good that we were in the old building early this afternoon, only to be redirected to go to the new building. We were never notified of the closure of the old building.) Secondly, I realized I wasn't the only one who had that appointment, but some showed up to take care of something, too. Third, I became more aware of something that involves slowing down, not speeding, while retired, and taking time or trying to enjoy life in the fast lane or busy world we live in.

Arriving home after the appointment, we're glad to see or have two packages from my sisters in California. One of the packages contained bags of glutinous rice flour, main ingredient for baking "bibingka" or rice cakes. For the other package, we have vegetables like string beans, squash, okra, banana-type(?) pepper, bitter melon or "ampalaya (Filipino) or "paria" (Ilokano), and eggplants, long (Japanese kind?)  and small or mini,   for "pinakbet." All the California produce were wrapped in local Philippine newspapers in the Bay Area. Neat!

For all of the goodies we received today, we called our sisters to inform them that we've received the packages, and, of course, thanked them for their thoughtfulness, goodness and generosity. Thank you, gracious God, and thank you, Jesus!

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful day, everyone! May God bless us all, always!-chris a. quilpa, 26September2012

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