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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Declan Galbraith and Catholic Education

I have just posted my piece, Catholic Education, An Excellent Choice on Facebook a couple of hours ago and now here I am on my blog to share with you my thoughts again. While writing my Notes on my FB page, I indicated that as I was writing I was also listening and/or watching to Declan Galbraith, a 20 year-old English crooner-singer (of Scottish and Irish descent) on YouTube. Thanks YT! He's one of my favorite singers these days. From Wikipedia, I learned that he started singing at the age of seven. He has become popular since, in United Kingdom, Germany, China, Vietnam, and other countries. He's such a fine singer with a voice that's cool, pure, natural, refined, soothing yet captivating and magical.

 Even now as I continue with this blog post, I'm still listening to Declan's songs. So good the feeling is to hear him sing beautifully. Among his songs, I have two favorites: "An Angel" and "Tell Me Why."The latter is innocently probing, questioning, and meaningful. Part of the song reads: "Tell me why does it have to be like this/Tell me why is there something I have missed/Tell me why 'coz I don't understand/When so many need somebody/We don't give a helping hand/Tell me why?...Everyday I ask myself/What will I have to do to be a man?/Do I have to stand and fight/To prove to everybody who I am?/Is that what my life is for/To waste in a world full of war?/Tell me why..." 

Notice, my friends, that some of the pictures above are Catholic schools that have been a part of my children's lives and myself, their dad. Again, thanks to YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, and Blogger. Thanks to God! And, thanks, everyone!-chris.a.quilpa, 24Jan2012

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