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Thursday, January 19, 2012

On FB/YT, X Factor 2010 (UK) Winner-Singer/Songwriter Matt Cardle

(As I'm writing this blog post, I've been listening/watching (alternately) to Matt Cardle's performances on YouTube. Thanks for all those who uploaded the videos. He's such an amazing artist/singer-performer. I came to know later that he's the winner of the X Factor 2010 in UK! Thanks to my niece in CA. She was instrumental in introducing me to this phenomenal singer. On YT, of course!)

Thank you, Facebook! Thank you, YouTube! Thank you, Google! Thank you, Blogger! Thank you, Wikipedia! I'm learning something every time that I visit you all.

This morning, after doing my routine, I logged on to my laptop computer (thank you again, Tony!). Visiting FB, I read my daughter's message to her brod, my son, asking him how's he doing (over there in DC. FYI: He's with the Americorp program, via a non-profit organization that hired him, or was assigned to him. son, I'm proud of what you're doing, serving the underserved, underprivileged or marginalized in that part of DC. Keep up the good work, man! Stay safe).

I also watched Tintin's embedded video of their end-of-course J-Term presentation, entitled Things That Ruin Interviews (when applying for a job. I just added these are my words enclosed in parenthesis.) I thought it was funny, informative and educational. That's a part of my comment. But first I clicked on the Like. I thanked her for sharing their collaborative video. I thanked also the person who uploaded it on YT.

Now, while scrolling my FB page down, I came across a comment from one of my nieces in CA, with an embedded video. I clicked on the video and wow! I didn't know anything about this singer, but now I'm getting to know him via YouTube on his performances on the X Factor 2010 in UK. A 27-year old former painter/decorator and member of an alternative rock/pop band, Darwyn (per Wikipedia), Matt Cardle is an amazing singer with a unique voice! He sings great like a professional singer, not an amateur one, I mean. No wonder he's the winner in that competitive X Factor 2010 in UK! He's so humble, down-to-earth and yet talented. I like him, as a singer and a person. He's now a recording artist! I'm enjoying his songs/performances on the videos on YouTube. Thanks again, Charlene. Thanks, YouTube, and thanks to you, Matt Cardle for your incredible talents. (I like his interpretation of that song by Roberta Flack, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face!" He nailed it, man! He felt it! All the judges had standing ovation. One of the male judges said that Matt stole the show. Simon Cowell even said that Matt's performance was "completely, utterly stunning!" I'm so impressed by his outstanding performance here, especially his rendition of the above mentioned-song. His voice is so unique, unusual yet beautiful!).

Well, as I continue writing this blog, I'm still listening to Matt Cardle's songs/performances that are entertaining and inspiring. (Listening to him sing reminds me of Charice Pempengco who also was a product of singing contest/competition in the Philippines and became a YouTube sensation, recording artist and actor. I'm proud of her, too. She's such a determined and talented person.)

FYI: I'm not endorsing or promoting anything or anybody. I just want to share with you, folks, what I've learned today. So, by the way, if you haven't heard of this recording artist, Matt Cardle sing, go to YT. He's got a number of videos and that YouTube Mix for Matt Cardle with 28 videos, uploaded by various "YouTubers." Here he is singing his winning song and first CD single, "We Collide."

This is all for now, my friends. (I have to visit Wikipedia to learn more about Matt, etc.) Until next time around. Have a nice day!-chris a. quilpa, 19Jan2012

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