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Sunday, January 1, 2012

On New Year's Eve

Gladly we gathered together
with James and Felecia, our friends
our helpful neighbors on Aberdeen Place
that moment to cherish
as we waited for 2012 to arrive
we had fun, full of laughter and zest
with food, bought and prepared
with red wine, accompanied by our smiles
and lively conversation, in between eating
enjoying the food displayed on the table
then that bubbly toast of Andre champagne
while we were watching TV in our family room
carried we were of the celebration in full swing
right on Times Square in New York
countdown began, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6
five, four, three, two one...
Happy New Year 2012!

Another toast for one another
wishing each and everyone
a better life, a better world
while my camera tried to capture our life
in that present moment of bliss
yes, we all welcomed 2012 with optimism
and hope for a peaceful life-world.

We sang Auld Lang Syne
not knowing the whole lyrics
then, past midnight our neighbor-friends left us
to continue celebrating their New Year in their house.

My family continued our celebration, minus Andrew
(who went to his friend Brian's house earlier on
in another neighboring city by the waters)
as we waited for our other neighbors next door
Chris, Grecian, and Tigger their tween boy
coming from a church service they attended
until finally they arrived, we all wished one another
with our Happy New Year singsong
with exchanges of warm hugs and embraces
and then pictures taken and retaken, and previewed
while we were all enjoying our Farm Fresh food
and recipes I cooked from watching YouTube---a success in my opinion or point of view.

From our eat-in kitchen, we continued our conversation
with topics varied as the food set and displayed
in our so-called formal dining room
right to our welcoming foyer
that's well-lit, like our family room.

It was after two, in the early dawn
when I went up, so tired, so sleepy
while the rest of the family still downstairs
cleaning up and waiting for Andrew to be home.

I let the world turn, while in deep slumber
with a desire to wake up for the New Year Mass
with family in the morning at nine-thirty
at St. Paul's Catholic Church in Portsmouth.

2011 and New Year's Eve are history
now we have New Year 2012, welcome!
(c) 2012 by chris a. quilpa

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