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Monday, January 9, 2012

"Trust in the Lord..."

Good morning, everyone!

Having just visited and read a number of blogs, at random (mostly Catholic in theme),  this Monday morning, I thought about this religious-inspired, small wooden-framed picture we've kept for a long time and I've hung it in our restroom downstairs, by our eat-in kitchen. I don't remember how and when we got it. But, anyway, I found it inspiring to me. Why I placed it in the restroom, and not in our living room or a more prominent spot in the house? I don't know. I just saw the spot, and I thought it fits perfectly there. I'm very sure our friends (who have visited us and used our toilet downstairs) have seen or noticed it because it's hung just above the toilet. Odd or weird spot, huh? Well, it's been there since 2001! I like it. I haven't heard any comment/s from my family members, though. I assume/presume they like it, too.

"Trust in the Lord..." I always bear that in mind each time I wake up in the morning. I do. And will always do, til my last breath on Earth! I hope and pray you do, too. -chris a. quilpa, 09Jan2011

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