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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Of OFWs (my "Ilokano" poem), Facebook, Comments, Nostalgia

A while ago, I visited my FB page and thought of writing something about the OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers). I recalled having written an "Ilokano" poem  OFWs. So, what I did was to look for my binder where my collection of my published Ilokano poems were. I transcribed the poem on My Notes, did tag some FB friends so they have the chance to read it, if they so decide, then submitted or shared it to the Facebook community. Here's the complete text of my Ilokano poem, "OFWs":

Dakayo ti baro a bannuar
Iti nakayanakantayo a lugar
Dakayo ti modelo dagiti annak ken appokoyo
Ken uray pay dagiti dadduma nga agtutubo ken tattao
Ta uray no kaskasano
Kinanumot' nagtaudantayo
Rigat ti panagbiag pinarmekyo
Babaen ti anep, anus, gaget ken regtayo
Nagbaliw kasasaad ti biagyo ken pamiliayo
Ken natulonganyo pay panagdur-as pagiliantayo.

Wen, dakayo ti baro a bannuar
Iti naggapuantayo a lugar
Anian a nagpingetkayo a rumuar
Ta diyo iginggina-ipangpangag dagiti gagar
Tuok, iliw, rigat, saem a sagabaenyo
Panagpanawyo patpatgenyo a pamiliayo
Ngamin ipangpangrunayo ti pamiliayo
Isu ngarud a lumuas-umadayokayo
Tapno adda laeng matgedan-maurnongyo
A pagputar-pagpasayaat pagtaenganyo
Ken pagpabasa-pagpaadal kadagiti annakyo
Bareng makaturposda iti tukad a nangatngato
Ken agbalinda a makunkuna a de-titulo
Ket tapno masakbayanda rumaniag-sumagibo
Isu dayta ti plano-arapaapyo
Dumur-as panagbiagda-panagbiagyo.
Idi damona, pudno a maikawakayo
Iti lugar a pagobraan-pagtrabahuanyo
Ta nagpaidumat' ugali dagiti amo-pagserbianyo
Kasta pay dagiti dadduma a katrabahuanyo
Isu ngarud a kapilitan nga ammuen-adalenyo
Galad-wagas panagbiagda a sabsabali kadakayo
Tapno malag-anan ken sumayaat pannakatrataryo
Ken ti pannakilangenlangenyo iti trabahoyo
Pagangayanna, dagiti nakalanglang-nakatungtongyo
Nagbalindan a nasinged a gagayyem-pagayamyo
Ket addan isem ken kaipapanan ti panagsaksakripisioyo
Adu a panagteppel, panagsagsagaba-panagrigrigatyo
Laeng maragpatyo dagiti panggep-arapaapyo
Nam-ay ken gin-awa ti biag masagrapyo.

(c) 2012 by chris a. quilpa

After doing that, I scrolled down my FB homepage. I watched a couple of photos of people who look familiar to me. I found myself sending a friend request to one or two persons. On one of them, I wrote a short message.

While still on FB, I came across and read something from my daughter's posted message about this news of a 17-year old high school student attacked in that part of Chicago. I clicked on the embedded website and read the news article: 6 questioned in Bridgeport beating caught on video. I also watched the embedded YouTube video and I couldn't believe what I saw: this hapless, helpless Asian? student single-handedly attacked or brutalized or tortured by a group of students his age, and caught on video and uploaded in YT. I thought it was staged but it was real! In my comment or reaction, I wrote this: "Read the news and saw the video. That's sickening! Is this what our students are learning in school, at home, everywhere now? Can't believe it! This is totally absurd! That's torture and inhuman! None of the student-attackers has the common sense at all! hope and pray that he recovers soon and that justice is served! I believe in justice and peace!" Then I thanked Tintin for posting that news/info."Take care and start your 2nd Sem right. Am proud of you. Luv ya! God bless and b safe always!" I added. (FYI: My daughter is back in C-ville for her studies. My wife and my sis-in-law brought her back to her dorm after spending the three-day MLK holiday weekend with us in Hampton Roads. No, I didn't go with them that Monday afternoon. Let all three girls go, this time. Tired I've been for the past days. Plus, my back has been acting up again lately. I'd just preferred to stay home. Wished them all to be safe on the road, and my daughter all the best in college! My wife and my sis-in-law returned home safely from C-ville that night. Thanks to God, everyone was safe!)

After posting my comment, I continued "wandering" around, wondering what's going on with a number of my FB friends 'til my eyes got stuck on this photo/video of a horse-drawn carriage called "kalesa" (in Ilokano and Filipino) with the popular Spanish houses on the background. It's about Beauty of Vigan City on YouTube. I did click Like and then I wrote this comment: "missed it! had fond memories esp. during my college days at Divine Word College of Vigan (Ilocos Sur, Philippines) and my teaching days at St. Paul's College of Vigan! if given the chance, would love to be there again! 'halohalo", "empanada", "bibingka", "kalesa" OMG! just wondering when is my next vacation in PI/RP?" And, then, on my next comment, I wrote, "kudos" and thanked "the people behind the production and distribution/uploading of the videos to YouTube."
Ah, the memories of my childhood and young adulthood in the Philippines lingered on me...Unforgettable life experiences I've had beyond compare! As I looked back on my colorful, wonderful life, I can't help but thank God for my life, and the people I have had the opportunity and privilege to be with. Sigh!

Before I signed out on my FB visit today, I happened to watch one of my nieces in Europe singing a Filipino song (karaoke-style) and I listened to her "lovesong" dealing with such kiss that she missed so much from her loved one who's gone with someone else? I did write a short comment for her: "nice performance,___! you've got that talent, huh! got that from Sis and Brod. take care. and regards to everyone over there..."

I'm glad and thankful for Facebook and YouTube, Google, and Blogger, and Wikipedia. I tell you, I am learning something everyday! Thank you all. And, thanks to God, and Jesus, and my family, and friends, and relatives, and other people around me. I'm so blessed! I can't ask for more. Thanks to God for I'm still alive and well!

Well, this is all for now and thanks for being with me, again. Until next time around. Take care and Have a nice day, everyone!-chris a.quilpa, 18Jan2012

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