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Monday, June 16, 2014

Just Chillin' Out

Hi, everyone! Good Monday to y'all! (Just trying to sound Southern, huh?)

 I have been here outside my house for the past hour or two this afternoon when the sun has set in the west, although it's not sunset yet. I have been specifically in our backyard where we have a spacious red-painted wooden deck and where I am sitting quietly on a wooden park bench that we bought at the NEX (Navy Exchange) store years ago. With me is my year-old laptop that I also purchased at NEX. With the summer-like weather, but with a cool breeze, I am simply glad and thankful that I am alive and well, able to appreciate the beauty and noise around me. I took photos of our fruit trees, such as apple, pear, and nectarine, as they continue to grow and bear fruits. Then I shared them to Facebook for our folks, friends to see. I did my "selfie," too, while trying to chill out, relax and enjoy life in the present moment. And, of course, I did share them to Facebook, too.

A while ago, I was engrossed in watching videos on YouTube, videos about politicians in the Philippines. As you may know, I left my nativeland in the early '80s when it was time for me and my younger siblings to emigrate to the U.S. And almost all of the time, I still think of my birthplace and the people I left behind, like my two older sisters, in-laws, my relatives, neighbors and friends, and former classmates and some co-workers when I started teaching in the late '70s, wondering if they're still alive as I am. (Fortunately, a number of them became my Facebook friends, though.)

One particular politician that I always admire and appreciate being a public servant, in the truest sense of the word, is Philippine senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. I have seen her deliver her speeches on YouTube and I can't help myself but be impressed at her with and intelligence and her passion to serve the country. Branded as the Iron Lady of Asia, she is, to me, the epitome of an honest and outstanding public servant. She knows what she's talking about, having been a student, professor and interpreter of the law, and a lawmaker herself. She's a feisty woman who doesn't give a damn to "corrupt" government officials. I am so glad and thankful that she's in Philippine Congress to educate and inspire people, her fellow government officials, and to always expose rampant corruption practices of politicians plaguing the country.

While in my backyard, listening to the pulse of life in the afternoon, and observing the flow of life as it smoothly goes, I feel a sense of peace and satisfaction having lived my life with freedom and fulfillment. Thank God, I am fortunate to have served and lived here in the United States for decades. Thank you to the people who have helped me realize my dreams. I'm also grateful to the people I've encountered and who have helped me, in one way or the other, whether at work, in the church or somewhere else,as I continue working my way to realize my goals and dreams.

As I continue writing this post outside, my wife Freny kept on interrupting me to get inside "because of mosquitoes that will bite you."  Bwt, she's done with school teaching since Friday, their last school day. That was also the day of their high school graduating students' Graduation Day in the evening.

Now that I'm inside, in our living room, I continue writing this post. Originally, I planned to compose a poem while still outside in our backyard. But, look at what happened, I ended up with this narrative. Well, that's okay. I'm okay with it. Now, here comes Freny with a plate of food. "Time to eat dinner," she announced. What can I say? Though I don't feel hungry yet, I have to please my wife...But, I was stubborn, at first. I continued with my blogging til she reminded me that my food will no longer be hot. She has a point. But, of course, I don't want to have my food cold, too.

So, my dear folks and friends, I'm signing off for now. Thank you for reading/visiting my blog. As always, may God bless US! And, wishing you all to have a wonderful day, afternoon, evening/night, wherever you guys are! Take care.

Until next time around...Bye, folks and friends! Let's pray now and eat!-chirs a. quilpa, 06.16.14

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