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Thursday, November 3, 2016

31st and counting

Woke up this morning past four and used the restroom in our master's bedroom. Couldn't get back to sleep after I got back from emptying my bladder. Lying down beside my wife, listening to her breathing while in slumber, I let the time go by. But, then, some thoughts came up. I needed to get back, get back to the restroom but with a pen and a piece of paper. Ideas flowed like a running water from the sink's faucet...In haiku form, here's sharing with you what I scribbled, a poem originally in Ilokano language. (But I did the English translation while composing it one stanza after another). The poem was done at about 0539 this morning:

Ti Aniversariota                                         Our anniversary

Nadanon manen, Baket                              It's that time of year, my wife
aniversariota                                               anniversary
panaglantip pusota.                                    our two hearts became as one.

Agyamanak, Namarsua                             gratitude to our Father
dua bungata                                               blessed with two children
namnama pamiliata.                                  the hope of our family.

Tallopulo ket maysa                                  It has been thirty-one years
a tawen biagta                                           living life we have
napnuan ayat ken ragsak.                          full of love and happiness.

Biag a napnuan dangadang                       A life of battles-struggles
baliw-pannubok                                        changes-challenges
naparmek gapu't Ayat.                              overcome because of Love.

Adu pay a tawenta                                    More years for the two of us
ikararagta                                                  we pray-contemplate
rumungbo pamiliata.                                 our family grows-prospers.

(c) 2016 by Chris A. Quilpa                     (c) 2016 by Chris A. Quilpa

To my loving wife, Freny, thank you for being my wife and the mother of our two amazing and awesome children, Drew and Tintin. Thank you to our dear family members and friends near and far. May God bless us always!

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