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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post-Christmas and New Year's Day Flashback

Good Wednesday, my dear folks and friends! How are we doing today? Hope and pray you have had the best celebration of Christmas and New Year's Day you've ever longed for in years.

Btw, I've been listening to American country/liturgical singer-musician John Michael Talbot's songs on YouTube since this morning, after praying the Holy Rosary along with a video on YouTube. And even at this time that I'm back from mailing to the nearest post office a number of bills and a couple of Get Well Soon cards (one for my sister-in-law out of state and the one for our friend in the area. Both are nurses. The former is still working while the latter retired. Both have had minor surgeries, though and they're recuperating.), I still continue listening to John's music at this very moment that I'm writing this blog post. I don't know about you but I just love listening to the mellow, soothing music of John.

How was my Christmas and New Year celebration? Well, I'd say that I did celebrate Christmas simply, away from home, as I've mentioned in my previous blog posts. My wife Freny, daughter Tintin and I spent Christmas in D-ville. (Andrew was with his friends. They went to New York and back to Maryland and Washington, DC where he is currently employed. But he was with us before and after New Year's. Then on New Year's Day in the afternoon, he went back to DC because he has to be back to work the day after New Year's Day. Same thing with daughter Tintin. She left home for D-ville in the afternoon on New Year's Day.) In short, I had a good, relaxing time with my family and a couple of friends (Andrew's), with lots of food and a toast of Lambrusco red wine (not champagne) and Welch's sparkling red grape juice cocktail, and  that Kraken rum on New Year's Eve. Then, On New Year's Day, I attended the Mass in our parish, with Freny. The kids were still asleep then. We didn't bother waking them up for they slept late, in the wee hours, I believe. I learned the day after New Year's Eve celebration that one of Andrew's friends, Thomas, spent the night at home while Brian went home. Actually, we offered our home to Andrew's friends to sleep over instead of being out there driving under the influence of alcohol.

I did watch a couple of Filipino and Fil-Am collaborated movies for the past days. I was kinda delighted to have watched a 1974? classic, an award-winning Filipino movie (with English subtitle, of course) entitled Tinimbangka Ngunit Kulang (Weighed but Wanting) by the late award-winning director Lino Brocka. The truth is, I haven't been watching Filipino movies that much for years. Having been away from my native land for nearly three decades, with the exception of a couple of visits there, I don't say that I don't miss them. I do. But not that much. Why? My only concern is that some, if not most, of the Filipino films are very slow-paced. I mean the editing was not good. Like the one I've mentioned above, that movie could have been edited and viewed for one-and-a-half hours instead of over two hours. I've seen some Filipino movies before and the same thing. The slow-pacing of depicting scenes are so evident and I kinda dislike that. Don't get me wrong but this is just me. I lose interest if the movie is soooo slow, and the editing poorly done. I get bored, sorry. I do hope the newer Filipino movies these days are well-edited. I'm sorry to say that I'm not really that fascinated watching so much melodramatic movies with poor editing, slow-pacing. (I do hope I didn't offend anyone. That's not my intention but I'm just voicing out my opinion here regarding some, if not most, Filipino movies.)

Now that Christmas is over and New Year's Day celebration behind us, it's back to normal. That is, back to school-work for those concerned. Freny did go to her school-work this morning at seven, while I was still cuddling in bed trying to get some more sleep. (That's the advantage of being retired; I don't have to pay attention to the clock. But I still have to know the time, though. I have no more rules or schedule to follow. I just live and try to enjoy the present moment simply well, with my Faith and (regained) freedom, as I've said several times in my previous blog posts.) I know Tintin is at work and so is Andrew. And my sis-in-law Rose. That's what it is---back to routine, to work, and business as usual, after holiday break. Such is life, huh.

Before I forget, I thank you, my dear folks and friends, for the gifts and Christmas greeting cards we received. Thank you, God, for all of our folks and friends everywhere. Thank you, Mother Mary and Jesus.

Well, so much for now. Until next time around, my dear folks and friends. Take care and have a nice day, everyone. May God bless us always!-chris a. quilpa, 02January2013

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