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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Glance, A Chance

Good Tuesday, my friends in the blogosphere! Raining cats and dogs over Hampton Roads area this evening, we're now feeling the pinch or effects of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac that's heading to the Gulf of Mexico, particularly New Orleans (one of the famous cities of Louisiana). Well, we hope and pray that we're all okay. That the State of Louisiana won't experience the same predicament they had when Hurricane Katrina devastated and flooded the city, seven years ago this month. Now, we're praying, too, for those people affected by Isaac's power and performance.

This morning, I went out after my wife left for her school-work. I had to do what she told me to do: to mail cards (thank you and sympathy) for our friend in California whose beloved relative in the Philippines passed away unexpectedly. We learned the news last night. So, at the post office today, I had to express mail our card of sympathy so our friend receives it tomorrow afternoon prior to departing for the Philippines on Thursday for her aunt's funeral.

After going to the post office, I went to one of my favorite chain restaurants to have breakfast. There, I had egg-bacon biscuit sandwich and just a cup of water, and a copy of The Virginian-Pilot newspaper. While enjoying my food, something caught my eyes that prompted me to write about it.

Here's what I wrote on a piece of paper that my wife left me this morning with the complete address of our friend in California (where we're sending the thank you and condolence cards. Why a thank you card? Well, we just wanted to send them our card of thanks for the warm hospitality they extended us while we're "vacationing" in California lately.). I titled it A Glance, A Chance, after writing the whole poem. That's me, sometimes, I start writing the body first, without a title to my poem that I'm supposed to write about. But I got the topic on my mind that I have to develop. How's that, you ask? I don't know. But that's my way, sometimes. Anyway, here's that thing that I'd like to share with you, if you won't mind. Enjoy!

A Glance, A Chance

I saw two small birds
sheltering underneath my van
parked prominently in a parking lot
of a chain restaurant that I frequently visit
then, suddenly
they're gone, out of my sight
after blinking my eyes
they're nowhere to be found
the small hopping birds
I don't know 
where they've gone
I long to see them again
but they quickly disappeared.

Ah, life is fleeting,
so ephemeral...

Just imagine, a while ago
I was talking 
to Mr. Reggie, a middle-aged white man
I happened to come to know there
in that chain restaurant
while busy enjoying his sandwich
when I disrupted him
to please watch my food
when I went to the restroom to pee
to try to empty my bladder, I mean
which he agreed with a nod and a smile
then, after a few moments 
after a brief conversation 
after returning from the men's room
and thanking him, he's gone
out of my sight, without a word
he left his table and his chair
and out the door he's gone...

Ah, people come and go
like friends, relatives, they do, too.

Life is momentarily a sigh
a glance, a chance...

(c) 2012 by chris a. quilpa

Reading the daily local papers, after writing the above, and after breakfast, I came to know about this news alleging that 16-year old Olympic 2012 gold medalist gymnast Gabby Douglas, originally from Virginia Beach, VA, experienced bullying and discrimination while training at Excalibur Gymnastics in Virginia Beach prior to the Olympics. The young Olympian revealed the news when she was interviewed by Oprah lately.

With the above issue, I got inspired to write the following thoughts in verse: I didn't have a title when I finished it. So, I just probably title it It is Easy to Deny. Here's the text:

It is easy to deny
something that happened
or may have experienced
by Olympian Gabby Douglas
when she opened up to Oprah
(who interviewed Douglas, lately)
about her being bullied and discriminated
at Excalibur Gymnastics in Virginia Beach
where the 16-year old trained for the Olympics 2012.

Yes, it is easy to say 
or deny something that Gabby said
charging Excalibur Gymnastics
of bullying and discrimination.

Yes, it is easy to deny
when the owner of the gym, Dena Walker, said
that the allegation charge "is a blatant lies
and nothing factual that she wonders, "how could she do this?"

But, as for me, I believe
Gabby Douglas may have experienced
two important issues of race relations:
bullying and discrimination...

Why do I believe it so?
because as a brown man
and a minority in America
I have experienced it...
when I was new and younger
adjusting to life in America
while learning more about my life
and the people around me in America.

(c)2012 by chris a. quilpa

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