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Thursday, August 16, 2012

California Revisited, part 1

What a feeling! To be back in a place where you started life in America where everything is possible as long as you have the will and determination, patience and the courage to learn to live and get along with others.

 As for me, having faith, family, folks and friends, and a decent education that is useful in all phases of interaction---these are the important ingredients or factors that make life worth-living.

Thanks to our Almighty God, I, along with my primary next of kin from Virginia, found my way to the Bay Area, particularly in San Jose, California. Thanks to my loving sister Betty and her family. Thanks to my sister Edna and her family. Thanks to my youngest brother Zaldy and his wife Necie who spearheaded the move for our expected "grand" get-together/reunion. Thanks, Brod and Necie, for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Well, to make this conversation short, we've finally arrived in California since Tuesday, August 14. And, you betcha, I'm enjoying every bit of our stay here. Lots of bonding and reconnecting to do, Man!

Yes, it's definitely California revisited, for me. Excitement has long been  my natural feeling when the plan was set, and preparation has long started. I believe I share the same raw feeling with our two young adult children who have hazy knowledge about California then because they were too small when we got here on military transfer/deployment. Imagine, our first son was born in the Commonwealth of Guam, a U.S territory in the Pacific, and two years after being there in the Marianas Island, we came back to CONUS (Continental United States). I had orders to go to Washington State, the so-called Evergreen State where I worked in one of the tenant commands  of then Naval Station  Puget Sound. That's where our daughter was born. So, when we got back to San Diego, California, where I had all my naval training and my first duty assignment after "Boot Camp," our two small kids were as curious as other kids their age to learn about everything in their environment. Now that they've graduated from college and ready to face another phase in their respective life, they're open to possibilities and opportunities to learn more experiences. Hence, we're all here in California, for a week's summer get-away to remember. Note that I keep on saying this thing: Summer 2012 get-away to remember! Isn't it obvious, my friends? Lots of things to catch up, to connect and reconnect with other family members, relatives, friends. That's why, at the outset, you noticed my first two paragraphs. What matters most; what is important in one's life, for me. This is my personal perspective. But then when you come to realize, too, you'll agree with me---the 4Fs (faith, family, folks, friends)---are what matter the most in life. God is, first and foremost, the number one in my list. Then, family, folks, then friends. I need not elaborate more about these ingredients that make life worth-living.

Well, so far, I tell you with utmost pride and joy, I'm enjoying every bit of my summer get-away with everyone here in California. I'm anticipating or looking forward to our other encounters and experiences with other members of the clan/family, and other relatives and friends around.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful time in San Francisco. We attended Mass at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. Thanks to God, we found our way to celebrate with others the feast of the Assumption of Mother Mary. We  had lunch at a Japanese restaurant, after the noontime Mass. Then, we went to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge, The Fisherman's Wharf, the infamous (?) Alcatraz at a distance. In short, we had faith, fun, food, shopping, and picture-taking yesterday. Now, our summer get-away continues...Part II next time. Stay tuned, my dear friends and folks. Stockton and Salinas, here we come!

Enjoy the embedded videos in this blog post of mine. No, I don't own the videos. No copyright infringement intended. Thanks to YouTube, to the uploaders of the videos used herewith.

Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful but safe summer, everyone! May God bless us always! Thank you, Lord, for all your goodness and blessings!-chris. a. quilpa, 16August2012.

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