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Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Unexpected Confession Today

A pleasant good Sunday to everyone! Hope and pray that you're doing well, friends. We're good. And I don't have anything against the world, even if my life-world is not what it used to be. Thanks be to God. We're alive! And that's what matters the most. Yes, definitely we're trying to do our the best we to do God's will. He, through His Son Jesus Christ, is our hope, inspiration, refuge, and the source of our life. That is if we believe in Him for all His goodness and Love.

My dear folks, I have a confession to make today. And I have mixed feelings about it. Mad or upset, I don't know. A little bit disappointed, maybe. Never did I anticipate it. It was such an unexpected moment. But, I have no choice but to accept it. Yes, I got a speeding ticket this morning! I know, I should have been more careful. But, the situation calls that I had to hurry up a little bit; otherwise I'd be late for my appointment. You know, that important date we all have every Sunday. With God. With Jesus! I didn't want to be late this morning. Yes, folks, I was a little bit excited and anxious this morning for the 0930 Mass in my parish. Just me, on the car. All alone. My wife and our daughter, and my sis-in-law, were not with me this morning because they have decided to accompany Tintin, our daughter, to the church in Norfolk where she's going to play piano for the church service at 11:00 a.m. I left our house at 0900 a.m. and I thought I have had plenty of time to drive to our parish.

Normally, it takes us fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the church. But, things happened unexpectedly. And the police officer was there on that strategic spot below the ramp. With his radar pointing at me, he caught me speeding. And it was too late for me to reduce my speed. He, therefore, followed me with his lights on. At an intersection, I put my brakes on and sat quietly, awaiting what comes next. He came to me, asked me if I own the car. I answered positively. Then, he required me to show him my driver's license which I did without hesitation. I told the officer I was on my way to attend Sunday Mass downtown at my parish. And, I acknowledge how sorry I was for having sped up my driving. I know, I should have driven below the speed limit but it happened. I know, it's one of the rare moments when you don't want to be late to your appointment. I know, I should have been earlier to anticipate any traffic or anything on the way. Now, look at what happened. As the saying or adage goes, "Haste makes waste." Yes, I know, I wasted precious time. That means, I would be delayed with my appointment. Despite my polite and cordial explanation, the police officer had me signed that piece of paper, discussed with me what I should do about it, and then issued me a copy of my ticket. I know, I've been a very careful and responsible driver as evidenced in my many years of driving with no problem. Except this morning, of course.

My dear friends, this is my first time to have a speeding ticket. I regret it but it happened this morning. Man, it was untimely or unlucky, maybe, that I got one today. The fact it, most of the time, it's my wife who does most of the driving when we're out there on the road, especially for long trips. (It's because I have a physical disability and a chronic lower back pain that I have to manage. First, I have to say that I'm the one who can help myself, first and foremost. As much as possible I don't want to aggravate my pain. Sitting for longer period of time, while driving, using my legs, straining and exerting effort, it gives me discomfort most of the time.)

What can I say but today is such a special (?) day for me. Because I was carried away in my driving, unintentionally, and because I do not want to be late with my date with our Dear Lord, that I got caught speeding on the freeway, this morning. Anyway, I made it to my appointment with our good God. But, with an unexpected speeding ticket. Nevertheless, as always, with fellow parishioners, I prayed and sang, and praised our Lord for everything that's been happening in my life-world. (Our parochial vicar, Rev. Fr. Chris H. was our celebrant.) I thanked Him that I'm still alive, much better, in stead of having an accident or anything that may have been damaging to my health, safety and over-all well-being.

Certainly, I had some explaining to do when my wife and our young adult daughter arrived home, this afternoon, after their visit to that Christian church in Norfolk. Predictably, they weren't convinced that I got a ticket. But when I got serious with my story, that's when they started to believe me. Now, will I pay my ticket? Or, will I go to the city general court to contest my case? That's the question that I have to deal with. Anyway, I'm glad and thankful that I made it to the church this morning. I felt quite uneasy but I managed to be at ease and at peace with our Almighty God. I asked His help and enlightenment, offering my personal prayer. I know, and I believe, He will guide me and help me what to do. I know that He won't abandon me. He'll be at my side, always. Thank you, Lord.

Well, folks, this is all for now and I hope you're doing just fine. Please, when you drive, observe the speed limit. And drive safely so as not to jeopardize anything. I'm sorry for what happened to me, this morning. It happened and I take full responsibility for my action. I believe in my heart that I'm a law-abiding citizen, and a child of God, trying to be a good follower of Jesus. Certainly, I take this to heart as a learning experience. That I should learn from this unexpected mistake I made this morning. I'd be more careful, not to speed up, to slow down and observe the speed limit each time I do the driving. Let this be a reminder to others, too. And that they learn something from my confession today.

Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful day, everyone! May God bless us all, as always!-chris a. quilpa, 12August2012

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