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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Of Bills, Tomatoes, Veggies, Smoothies

Good Wednesday, everyone! As always, I thank God for His goodness and blessings! Thanks also that the sun is up there, shining over Hampton Roads and elsewhere, after last night's torrential rainfall. Glad and thankful that we didn't experience flooding in our area compared to other cities in Hampton Roads. Anyway, we're doing just fine.

I was planning to take a walk around the block, in my neighborhood this morning. But, at 11 a.m.,  it was already hot and humid outside when I opened the door and about to step out. So, I decided to phase out that plan and just prepared the house bills, along with that home owner's association monthly fee or dues.
If I feel like not going out today, I may as well give the bills (to be mailed to the post office) to my wife (who's still at school-work, at the time that I'm writing this blog post) when she and my sis-in-law Rose will be going to their part-time job (at a clothing store in Chesapeake) at five o'clock this afternoon.

Well, as I was using the restroom upstairs, in our room, a few minutes ago, it's customary for me to always have something to read. With  a copy of our local/community newspaper Suffolk News-Herald, I came across this feature article on Tomato Treasures (heirloom varieties promise hearty flavors). I didn't know then that there are heirloom varieties of tomatoes. So, here they are some common heirloom tomato varieties that I'm sharing them with you, my friends and folks, too: 1) Big Rainbow---very large tomato that's gold/red bicolor;  meaty and mild-flavored. 2) Brandywine---large beefsteak variety tomato, legendary for its "exceptionally rich, succulent flavor" and "old-fashioned tomato taste." An Amish heirloom, it is solid pink-red. 3) Black Krim---a Russian beefsteak variety that's deep maroon red when ripe. It is a medium-sized tomato that has a rich flavor. 4) Evergreen---this juicy and flavorful tomato is green with yellow highlights, when ripe. 5) Green Zebra---green and yellow tomato, has a "sweet  zingy flavor" and is "as sweet as an apple." It is beautiful when served with yellow, red, orange and pink varieties. 6) Stupice---a smallish Czechoslovakian tomato great for northern climates, it is early to ripen and is very productive. It is smooth red tomato with great flavor. 7) Yellow Pear---produces an endless supply of yellow, bite-sized, pear-shaped fruit that have a mild flavor. (Source: Virginia Cooperative Extension Service)

There you go, my folks and friends, are some varieties of tomato that we can enjoy especially this summer. While still writing this blog post, we just received a package from one of my sisters in The Golden State. Lo and behold, we have some fresh vegetables from California! Thank you, sis Edna and family!

Another thing that we have just revived at home is S-M-O-O-T-H-I-E!  (I have had an article written before (in 2008) about this topic, when we bought our smoothie maker then. Yes, we're enjoying our smoothies again, experimenting different flavors, doing some mixing of varieties of fruits. Thanks to my young adult daughter Tintin and my sis-in-law, Rose, for the enthusiasm for all of us to eat healthy. Smoothie, anyone?

Well, this is all for now, my dear friends and (accidental) readers of my blog. Until next time around. Thank you for reading. Take care and Have a wonderful day, everyone!-chris a. quilpa, 29August2012

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