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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of Nora Aunor as National Artist, Jonalyn Viray, Social Issues

OMG! Wow, good news? Guess what I found out just for today, a cool but sunny, gorgeous, and wonderful Wednesday! Lots of stuff to talk and think about. But, let me just tackle a couple of things. First things first. Thank you, God and Jesus Christ! Thank you for my life, my family, friends, and relatives all over the world.

Nora Aunor as National Artist! Man, that recognition has long been overdue for her! She deserves it! Just imagine the number of films she has made (300 plus movies, per "Balitang Tapat"), of record singles she has released (more than 360), of songs she recorded (over 200), of albums made (over 50), and her longest running TV show, Superstar (20 years plus), and the prestigious awards and notable citations she has received and continues to receive. (Go to Wikipedia for more info about her.) She has been in the Philippine entertainment (music and movie) industry for over four decades, and counting, with all the body of works she has done or accomplished (as a phenomenal singer-performer and an acclaimed movie/TV/theater actor or artist), the awards (national and international) she earned or garnered, etc. She's the one and only Superstar in the Philippines! I, myself, am proud of her and the cultural impact she has made or contributed to the Philippine entertainment industry. She's a legend, no doubt. Mr. President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III of the Philippines, do the right thing by conferring Superstar Nora Aunor the honor and recognition as Philippines' National Artist! Now is the right time! Thank you very much.
As I've been saying over and over, the power of the Internet continues to amaze me. This morning, while surfing the 'net, I stumbled upon a couple of online Philippine entertainment news articles, and videos that are worth-sharing and thought-provoking. Actually, one of them ( that pertains this move or initiative by a member of Philippine Congress, Representative Anthony Golez, Jr.) to recognize the Superstar, Nora Aunor as a National Artist), I just shared it to Facebook hours ago today.

There's the other one video that profiled the vocal range and lung power of this female pop singer, Jonalyn Viray, one of the members of the singing trio La Diva. She's amazing, isn't she? What a powerful voice she has! Well, see and listen for yourself, folks, with the video embedded here. (No, I don't own the video/s. No copyright infringement intended.).
Now, here are two videos above that may demand debate, discussion and/or further scrutiny. Why? The social issue may, or may not, deal with racism or ignorance or something else? Let's find out and seewhat you, friends, think. The topic has something to do with English language usage/proficiency, and  outsourcing of jobs overseas, i.e., in the Philippines. Again, I don't own the videos. No copyright infringement intended.

Social issues are very much present and alive in our life. They're everywhere where there's a group of people or a community living together. Corruption, injustice, poverty, inequality, illiteracy, ignorance, racism, human trafficking, etc. Our world, like life, is so complex that we have to have a common thread that bind us all together. After all, we're one big human family, imperfect, independent yet interdependent, wandering and wondering on the Planet Earth. We're supposed to live with (and love) one another harmoniously and peacefully. That's the ideal, isn't it, folks? That's what God, our Heavenly Father and Creator, wants us to be. Though we're all unique and different, we're the same and equal in the eyes of God! Agree or disagree with me, folks? What's your view/s?

Well, this is all for now. Until next time around, my friends.  As always, thanks YouTube and the uploaders of the videos I embedded with this blog post. (Again, I'd like to specifically mention that the videos used here are not mine. No copyright infringement intended.)Thank you, Google, Blogger, Wikipedia, and Facebook. And, to all of you people of goodwill, thank you all for the good things you do. Take care and have a good day, everyone! Peace to all of you!-chris a. quilpa, 25April2012

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