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Friday, April 20, 2012

What A Clean-Shaven Head on Friday! Or, Navy-Induction Haircut Revisited

A fun-filled and fantastic Friday, everyone! TGIF! Thanks to God, It's Friday! I'm sure, most, if not all of us, are looking forward to a wonderful weekend! With bright, sunny day today, Spring is certainly in full bloom! Enjoy the wonderful weather, folks! Thanks to God for Nature at its best!

Well, today, I have had the stamina and will to go out and have, first of all, a haircut at a barber shop at NEX in a neighboring city. I've long wanted to have a a haircut but, whenever I attempt to go, there's always something that comes up. Yes, this time, I was successful. I now have a clean-shaven head! Almost completely bald, as I've wanted it to be! My barber, who did prepare and signed my Navy retirement papers in June 2005 when he was still working at PSD (Personnel Support Detachment), said that now I don't need to worry about what shampoo to use. Indeed, that's true! Well, on my part, I was telling myself that I just need a low-maintenance haircut. Same as when I was in Boot Camp (1985). That's all. what matters is I got what I wanted. And I'm happy for it, irrespective of what others say about my new haircut. I think, I look good. Thanks to God.

After my haircut, I went to the Commissary and bought some grocery supplies, i.e. fruits and vegetables, bags of vegetable salad, salad dressing, a bag of rice, organic milk, orange juice, sausage, pork scalopini, Danish cake, toilet paper, two cases of bottled water. No, I didn't have my lunch there because we have left-over food (that I cooked yesterday) at home. Driving our van, I dropped by at our bank to just find about our accounts balances, using the ATM. Since I passed by a gas station, on my way home, I dropped by and filled up our car. Man, gas prices are soaring! I wonder how much more when it's summer.

Back home, I felt a little tired, sore on my lower back. But, I'm okay. I'm glad and thankful I'm home, chilling out now. After putting out the grocery stuff in, with the exception of those two cases of bottled water that are still in the trunk of our van (sorry, wife, I can't do heavy lifting!), I had lunch, with TV on, but alone, as usual, on weekdays! I've gotten used to it already, folks! That's the way it is---life of a retired person, with sort of physical disability.

As always, thanks YouTube and the uploader of the video I embedded with this blog post. Thank you, Google and Blogger. From one of the videos above, imagine how I look now with my new haircut---recalling my early Navy days, folks! Hahaha...Just luv it!

Until next time around. Thanks for your time, folks. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! May our Dear God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 20April2012

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