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Monday, April 16, 2012

Springtime in Full Swing over 757; Extreme Weather in the Midwestern States

Hello, everyone! A pleasant Good Monday to you all! By the way, how's life treating you nowadays? Do hope and pray you're doing well. Thanks to God, we're alive and doing well. Thank you. Just a reminder, tomorrow, Tuesday, is the deadline for filing federal income tax returns, per IRS (Internal Revenue Service). And, it's also the deadline for requesting filing tax extension for those of us who won't make it (the filing) tomorrow. Thanks to God, our professional tax preparer, from a neighboring city, did it electronically for us. We have all praises for her goodness and professionalism.

Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, after Mass, and lunch (at a buffet restaurant at a neighboring city Chesapeake with my sis-in-law, my wife, our young adult son who came all the way from The Capital to spend the weekend with us, and one of his friends), and arriving home, I decided to turn on our centralized air conditioning unit because of the warmer weather we have for the whole coming week over Hampton Roads. At first, I wanted to just rely on our ceiling fans on each of our four bedrooms. But it's kinda warm, and humid in our house yesterday. I didn't feel comfy, I admit. That's why I had no choice but to switch on the button, from heat to cold, on our thermostat control unit. Wow, just imagine today, per meteorologists of a local TV station that the high temp is going to be in the mid 80s! With plenty of sunshine! But, a little windy and breezy! Certainly, the heat is on, folks! Undoubtedly, Springtime is in full swing over Hampton Roads! I do hope, you have the same beautiful weather in your area. Let's enjoy the weather, but be safe!

But, it's a different story in other parts of the world, especially in the United States, particularly in the Oklahoma and neighboring states where they've experienced extreme weather this weekend. Yes, they've been hit by destructive and deadly tornadoes lately. To those who lost their lives, may they rest in peace. Amen. Our sincere condolences to the families. Hope and pray that the people in those areas are now safe and coping, and that we pray for their overall well-being. May the Lord God bless and protect them!

Natural calamities, such as tornado and other weather disturbances, are way beyond unpredictable, at times.  Even the world's famous scientists can't fathom the range and depth of Mother Nature for she can be overwhelming, destructive and deadly, at times. Such is a reality we have to face for as long as we live on this planet Earth. Nature, I believe, has her way of expressing and releasing her emotions to the point that we overlook or miscalculate her power and capability. She's just like telling us something that commands our attention and activism to do what we can to save and protect her. I do hope I'm making sense here.

Thanks YouTube and to the uploader of the video (courtesy of ABC's Good Morning America) I embedded with this blogpost. (No copyright infringement intended). And, as always, thank you Google and Blogger, and all people of goodwill.

Well, this is all for now, friends. Until next time around. Thanks for your time. Take care and have a nice day, everyone!-chris a. quilpa, 16April2012

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