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Monday, April 9, 2012

Tax Deadline is April 17th

Hello, everyone! A pleasant good Monday to you all! How's your Holy Week? Were you spiritually charged and did you experience Jesus Christ's resurrection? Hope so.

At the outset, I'd like to remind everyone who files income tax returns, the deadline for this year's filing is April 17. I'm sure some, if not many, of you have already done with your tax filing and most likely you've received your refund, if you're entitled to it. And, probably, too, you've spent it or saved it already.

Well, as far as we're concerned, we haven't filed ours. I don't know. I wonder why this year it took us this far on the first or second week of April that we haven't done it so. Previous years, after Valentine's Day, we've already done so with our certified tax preparer from a neighboring city.

This afternoon, though, my wife (who's still off from school-work, their last day of spring break today) and I prepared our paperwork/documents/supporting papers and delivered them to our tax preparer. Hopefully, she'll finish it on time and file it electronically, as usual. We don't anticipate any refund at all. Instead, we'd be paying, just like last year. Both federal and state taxes, that is. We just hope that it won't be that much, this year. But, I have a premonition that we'd be paying much more for both this year. Know why? We'd only be carrying one dependent (our young adult daughter who's in college and graduating May) this year the fact that our young adult son will be filing his this year, his first time.

Before, I used to do our tax returns. But since we have a rental house (our first house, and has been managed by a real estate property management company since 2001), preparing-filing it gets complicated, especially with deductions and other stuff. That's why we've decided to have it done by a certified/licensed tax preparer.

Here's the reality of living: Taxes are inevitable for they're part of life. For as long as we have an income from whatever source, from employment, or  receiving retirement pay/benefits that's higher or over the minimum requirements, we're bound to file tax returns as responsible, law-abiding citizen. And if we fail to do it, you know what the consequence/s in store for us. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will come after you. As they say, you can run but you can't hide. That's the reality of living, folks.

Once again, tax day is just around the corner, fellow citizens. It's time to get ready and beat the deadline, shall we. We don't want to be called "tax evaders", do we? You bet, we still have a week to go. If you guys believe that you'll be late in filing it, then you'd request a tax filing extension date.

As always, thanks YouTube and the uploader of the video I embedded with this blog post. Thanks Google and Blogger, too.

This is all for now, folks. Until next time around. Take care and Have a blessed Easter!-chris a. quilpa, 09April2012

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