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Friday, February 8, 2013

At McDonald's on a Rainy Friday (Morning)

Yey, it's Friday! What can I say but thank God that we're alive and well! It's cold and soaking wet over here in Hampton Roads! Yeah, it's a rainy day today. Actually it started last night. That's the weather right now. I can't complain. In fact, I take it as a blessing from Above. The forecast is that we have to experience a steady rain(?) all day today (which I doubt that). But we're not expecting snow. Unlike in other northeastern part of the country, i.e., New York, Connecticut, Boston, today or this weekend that they're going to have this historic "Blizzard of 2013." Hopefully the folks up there are prepared and safe. On the other hand, let's pray for the safety and well-being of all travelers and commuters. May God bless them and that they reach their destination safe and sound.

Btw, how's the weather in your area, my dear folks and friends? Mild and sunny, huh? That's good. What matters is that as long as we're safe and healthy, and good (in our dealings) with one another. Yes, that's what matters right now to us all as we live (and try to enjoy) the present moment well, with faith and hope, prayer and thanksgiving, without regret, remorse and/or reservation. Today is another blessed day for us all. Carpe diem, mi amigos y amigas!

This morning, after praying the Holy Rosary, while using the restroom in our bedroom (as usual), I thought of having breakfast somewhere. That's what I did! So, here I am at the nearest McDonald's, as I'm scribbling or jotting down my thoughts on a McDonald's tissue paper, while enjoying my big McBreakfast meal with a medium-size coffee (with cream and sugar). Alone, by myself, that is. But, of course, there are diners, too, come and go, and those who are in other tables.

Sitting comfortably at the back corner, occupying a table for four, adjacent to the restrooms (there's one for females, one for males), I am like a camera capturing or monitoring what's going on inside the restaurant, and out. While eating my scrambled eggs, sausage biscuit, hash brown, and then my pancakes with hotcake syrup, and sipping my coffee, I've been alert of my environment, having presence of mind. My eyes are roving; my mind wondering and wandering, but sensibly thinking and pondering. What a blessed, though busy, day we have! Thank you, God. And thank you, Jesus!

(At this time, I'm done with my breakfast and have given thanks to God for the food/blessings I've just received today.)

Well, here's me transcribing/writing my thoughts (from that tissue paper) unto this blog post, while still at McDonald's. They're already serving meals for lunch because it's lunchtime now. (I may be going to a retail store nearby, sometime today to buy some stuff that I've listed/noted for the house, after writing this post and posting it to my blog.) The restaurant is getting busier with incoming diners who are of different backgrounds (economic, social, educational). But from what I observe, so far, majority of the diners coming in and out are blacks. (With a number of whites, I suspect I'm the only brown diner at this time.) I have no problem with that. Though we're different in some ways, we're all one and the same, in my perspective. We're all children of God, I believe. Diversity is what makes us wonderful human family. All of us have rights and responsibilities that we have to safeguard and uphold as we live in a democratic society, the Free World. Respect for human rights is, therefore, a must. Respect for life is our advocacy and concern, Living together in harmony with one another is the essence of our existence, while trying our best to care for our environment and planet Earth, in general.

Hey, wait a minute, guys! Wow, what a change of weather over here! It stopped raining now! The sun showed up and smiling! (I know that it's always up there! But at times, the cloudy sky covers it and that the sun seems to hide from us.) Thank God! It's a blessed and beautiful Friday, after all! I believe in miracles, you know. See, it's good to be optimistic and hopeful. Life goes on, and business as usual.

Well, I'm grateful to our Almighty God that I have had the opportunity to be here at this time, sharing my thoughts to you guys. This is all for now. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! As always, may God bless us all! Bye!-chris a. quilpa, 08February2013

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