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Monday, February 18, 2013

Chronic Pain (Recurring) on Presidents' Day

Good Monday, everyone! Today is Presidents' Day in the US of A. It's a holiday, for those observing it. Why did I say this? It's because there are school systems, colleges and universities that don't observe this day. Hence, there are students who have school or classes today. Not my wife, though. Her school, where she has been teaching Chemistry for over a decade, observes this holiday. But she has to leave the house, this morning past eight, nevertheless, with our daughter Tintin (who didn't leave for D-ville yesterday) to a dental appointment. On the other hand, the elementary school playground by our backyard is so quiet today. No cars parked on the lot, except the school building, some leafless trees, and houses around, and a bright, blue sky and the sun. No one at the school premises. Not even the Canadian geese that frequent the area. Not today, though. What an amazing view outside from our bedroom! So peaceful and quiet the surrounding is! Now this is what I call serenity? I guess so. Thank God! It's an awesome and beautiful day today! I have nothing to complain but to be thankful for what I have, what I see, what I feel, what I think, what I believe...

I, on the other hand, have just risen from bed due to "head" (Navy parlance or terminology) or restroom call. Mind you, I have had a difficulty getting up from bed due to chronic back pain problems. (I know, it's acting up again---my physical disability or condition that debilitates me, at times, and robs me of trying to enjoy life.) Plus my joints all over are so sore and so is my head, kinda light-headed, too. My hips are acting up, too! They're painful. Even when I attempt to stretch my whole body. OMG, help me to bear the pain and agony! It's that feeling again that my spine and hips are kinda coming/pulling apart from each other! But what can I do but to try to manage it (fibromyalgia, DDD and DJD) in such a way that I don't get depressed. I hate to be depressed! I don't like it. Despite having chronic pain and fatigue all over my body, almost daily, this is one thing that I always try to avoid---being depressed (and hopeless)! I set my mind to have a positive attitude, as much as I can. And one thing that helps me, though, is praying, like praying and meditating the Holy Rosary. That's what I just did while still lying in bed this morning. (Likewise, I need to take a pain reliever medicine, too, to stabilize my condition.)

Suffering is a part of life; I've known and experienced it for years. I don't feel like recalling or going/looking back at my past life, at this time, in which I encountered/experienced hardships and suffering. They're too painful to recall and recollect. But I would say, in all honesty and reality, that sacrifice and suffering are human experiences. And we all know that they are universal. In all parts of the world, there are people, like me, who are suffering, and sacrificing, for others. Because life is not fair to/for all of us, we have to experience suffering and sacrifice. Wow, where did I go now? I've been ranting/rambling again, huh?Alright, let me continue "documenting" with my feeling/condition today.

Well, as soon as I've taken my regular morning medicine (for lowering/stabilizing high blood pressure), I decided to write this post to somehow capture my feelings today. I'm okay, btw. I'm hanging in there, and trying to manage my chronic pain. (I know, this is minute or nothing compared to what Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, and Redeemer has suffered.) I'm thankful to God, our Heavenly Father, that I'm alive and good.

Wow, Freny and Tintin are back home from their dental appointment! Unbelievable! Tintin has just had her teeth cleaned and Freny her problem tooth fixed, in a matter of not even an hour since they left the house? That's incredible! Amazing! That's quick (excellent) service! Btw, I think, it's about time for my cleaning, too. It's been six months since the last check up and cleaning. I'll find out if I can call the dental clinic and schedule for an appointment sometime today for next week or so.

Well, this is all for now, my dear folks and friends. Until next time around. Take care and have a nice day, everyone! And, Happy Presidents' Day, too! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!-chris a. quilpa, 18February2013

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