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Saturday, February 16, 2013

At A Service Station

Good Saturday, everyone! How are we doing in this cold, chilly, cloudy day? (The forecast in our was that it's going to rain this afternoon and snow late tonight or tomorrow, Sunday morning.) Btw, how's the weather in your area? On the other hand, I do hope that you're doing well. I'm good, btw. Thank you, God.

This morning, after using the restroom and praying the Holy Rosary, I went to the nearest Automobile Service Station to have my daughter's car its periodic maintenance, i.e. oil change. It's about time to have it serviced because on the dashboard it shows the maintenance required indicator light. That's why she's home this weekend from D-ville where she works as a college adviser in one of the high schools there. (She's sharing a two-bedroom apartment unit with a female friend and fellow co-college adviser. (But her friend works in another high school.)  One thing more why she's home is that she's scheduled to play the piano this Sunday at a Christian church in Norfolk. As you know, she comes home every other Sunday because of her obligation as a paid pianist there. Last night, I told her that she and I would go to the service station so she can get used to it. What I mean is that she needs to take care of what needs to be taken care of (like her car). That's her responsibility. But, my wife Freny said not to wake her up. Instead, she's with My wife with me.

As soon as we've checked the car in, we were told to have a seat and wait at the lobby. That's why I am writing this blog post at this moment. Freny, on the other hand, is currently enjoying/sipping a cup of cappucchino, compliment of the Service Station.

I was in this service station the other day to have our 2008 van be checked for some indicator lights showing in the dashboard. (We bought it there, brand new, five years ago.) After the mechanic has examined it, I was told that there are repairs to be done: The engine has to be brought down due to a leak. The break pads are thin, and tires need to be replaced, in addition to change oil and filter. In addition, that yearly state inspection which is due this month has to be done. I was told to just leave the van there and that someone would give a ride back home, and that they'd give me a call the following day when our van is ready for pick up. That's why I went back there yesterday afternoon to pick it up. What a surprise! The whole service and repair costs me over $1,500. Man, that's unexpected of me! Anyway, what is important is that it's already fixed and functioning again, I believe.

Well, after 15-20 minutes of waiting at the lobby, the service manager approached us to our table to let us know that our daughter's car is done. That was quick for an oil change! (And I haven't got a sip of my coffee yet because I'm busy doing this post.) That's service! Thank God.

I have to sign off now, my dear folks and friends. We have to go. Until next time around. Take care and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! As always, I pray, "may God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 16February2013

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