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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend and Today's Thoughts with an Update

Good Tuesday, everyone! How are we all doing this wonderful day? Busy doing what we have/love to do as always, huh? That's great! If you were to ask me, I'm grateful to be alive, living the present moment simply well. Thank you.

This past weekend, Tintin, my young adult daughter, was home from D-ville where she currently lives and works after graduating from college in May last year. As I've mentioned in my previous blog posts, she comes home every other weekend due to her commitment as a paid pianist in one of the Christian churches in neighboring city here in Hampton Roads. Each time she plays piano for the church service there, we usually attend Sunday Mass first at our parish, St. Paul's before we go to that Christian church with her. That means we also attend or participate the church service there. Afterwards, we eat out at a restaurant near our house. Then, she drives back to D-ville in the afternoon. That's what's happening in our household each time Tintin spends the weekend with us.

Speaking of dining, at times, we vary the restaurant where we dine, for a change of atmosphere and food. This past Sunday, after Mass and the church service worship in Norfolk, we ate at a Chinese restaurant in Portsmouth. The day before, Saturday, we ate lunch-pizza at the food court at Naval Station's Navy Exchange where we had a couple of our watches battery-replaced by their Jewelry/Watch Repair Service. Btw, my thirty-year old Seiko watch ran out of battery or power lately. It was given to me by my sister Betty in 1983 as soon as we landed at SF International Airport for the very first time that we arrived in America as new immigrants, with my younger siblings). Still in operation, this time piece of mine is older than my two young adult children! Can you imagine that? That'w how I take care of some of my stuff that will last, no doubt,  longer than my life. I, therefore, consider this watch one of my prized personal, material possessions because of its sentimental value. That'w why we went to NOB last Saturday.)

On the other hand, Andrew, my young adult son, doesn't come home so often (only occasionally) because he's based in The Capital where he's been working there for less than two years now. But we get in touch with him, like Tintin, almost everyday via phone. (Mind you, my wife, Freny, their mom, doesn't go to bed each night til she gets hold of them. Seriously!)

Well, Super Bowl XLVII Sunday, in New Orleans, is over and was well played. Congratulations to Baltimore Ravens for winning the NFL championship game. They scored ahead of the 49ers in the 1st to 3rd quarters of the game, sort of an indication (or a premonition) that they would win. Congratulations, too, to San Francisco 49ers for  their performance to the end. Final score: 39 for Ravens; 34 for 49ers. Btw, what's significant to mention in this year's national football championship game? Let me recall: The singing of America the Beautiful by Sandy Hook Elementary School (Newtown, Connecticut) children with award-winning movie actress and singer Jennifer Hudson. There's the singing of the National Anthem by singer-musician Alicia Keys, sitting down while accompanying herself on the piano. There was this unexpected power outage or interruption at the dome. And, of course, the Harbaugh brothers, Jim and John, both head coaches of the football teams, 49ers and Ravens, respectively. They're both family men and Catholics, too, from what I learned. Lastly, there's the entertainment portion, during half-time, by famous singer-actress Beyonce Knowles and company. About those TV ads? Entertaining, too.

I don't know why, but yesterday I woke up so early and I couldn't get back to sleep. (Freny kept on snoring and I had difficulty getting back to sleep. I was kinda restless, though). Anyway, as usual, I just spent the day with my regular routine: praying and thanksgiving, simple physical conditioning in the house (not outside because the weather was cold, still), eating breakfast, snacking, watching videos and movies, reading, and preparing for dinner. Since we have had left-over food and steamed rice, I just cooked fried rice (with sauteed garlic-onion-corn and young peas, and sliced sausages,  mixed together). I did watch a couple of  movies, comedic and hilarious, while listening to NPR (National Public Radio). Hours before bedtime, I watched videos on YouTube.

Today seems to be a mild, sunny day in Hampton Roads. Well, after praying the Holy Rosary, inviting Facebook friends to visit and inviting everyone to pray, too, this morning; using the restroom, eating breakfast, I watched TV news broadcast and morning show, while our radio is on NPR. Then, I prepared a bill to be mailed. I'll go out, to the post office sometime today. I might also go to the Commissary, too. We'll see. Definitely, I will continue to watch soap operas and videos on YouTube. And, as far as dinner is concerned, I don't know yet what to prepare. On the ref, we have vegetables like broccoli, zucchini, organic Romaine lettuce, cabbage, and onion. On the table we have a tray of avocados, a bowl of pomegranates, some apples and oranges, and bananas. While the TV is on, as I write this post, I am grateful to be alive and well, living the present moment as it is, without any reservation. We all know, life is precious, short and fleeting. That's why, in my case, I try to live and enjoy it while I can, and have fun while I can. Thank God.  And, thank you, Jesus! My thoughts for today: Be happy and thankful for what you have right now. Life, after all, is what matters the most.

Well, this is all for now, my dear folks and friends. I have to figure out what to cook for dinner. (I'm not worried about my lunch for I have left-over fried rice and other cooked stuff in the ref.) Okay, until next time around. Take care and have a great and wonderful day, everyone! As always, I pray, "May God bless us all!"-chris a. quilpa, 05February2013

Update: 05 Feb 2013 @ 1950, I did thaw one pack of frozen glazed boneless chicken which I planned to cook it in the conventional oven, prior to leaving the house to mail our bills/letters.  No, I decided not to go to the Commissary today when I went out to mail a couple of letters to the post office. Instead, I drove to Farm Fresh where I bought 8-piece grilled chicken, 2 lbs. of cooked/steamed shrimps with a dash of Old Bay seasoning, 3 cases of bottled water @24 count each case (on sale for 3 for $10), a bag of fish fillet, and buy one, get one free bags of Frito Lays chips/crisps.

Back home, I didn't cook steamed rice for I already did yesterday, aside from that fried rice from our left-over rice the previous day. What I did is I put that bag of glazed boneless chicken back in the fridge. Then, I cooked sauteed zucchini and celery with onion, garlic, olive oil and oyster sauce for flavoring. Hence, along with the cooked food I bought from Farm Fresh, that's for dinner, my dear folks and friends. Yummy! Now, what's on your table for dinner? You know, I'd love to learn to cook new recipe. Any idea or suggestion for me to consider next time I prepare something for dinner? Let me know, ok? Thanks.-caq

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