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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tintin's Pre-Birthday Celebration and Back to D-ville, After a Night and Day in 757

Hello, everyone! Good day/night to all of us, wherever we are in the world!

Sunday in 757. My favorite day of the week! Btw, I've mentioned this in my previous blog post. With reasons-explanations, of course. In short, Mass/church attendance-participation and dining out with available members of my family and friends.   

Freny and I, with our daughter Tintin, left D-ville in the morning for 757 Saturday; we arrived in Hampton Roads at about 1 p.m., after a couple of drop off: to the post office to pick up a week's mail on hold (for being out of town), then to our bank, then to NEX/Commissary, and to our friends Mike and Myrna's where I had the opportunity to play with their new friendly dog. Likewise, we had Nom, nom "sotanghon" and bread sticks prepared/cooked by Myrna. Thank you, Mike and Myrna, for your hospitality. You guys are amazing! God bless you and your family.

Sunday morning. Mass at St. Paul's Catholic in downtown Portsmouth. A visiting priest was the celebrant. Sad to know that our pastor, Rev. Fr. David's Mom passed away. Our heartfelt condolence to Fr. David and his family for his Mom's uneventful and/or unexpected passing. May the soul of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

I believe, God understands us when we left St. Paul's while the Mass was still in progress (because visiting priest-celebrant took over an hour officiating the Mass and Tintin has a piano commitment at a church in Norfolk at eleven). On the other hand, I did my job, matter-of-factly, trying to greet everyone who came in to church this morning at St. Paul's. I felt good doing it, for God's glory.

Had a wonderful time attending-participating at the church in Norfolk where Tintin plays piano, every other Sunday at eleven (unless otherwise noted/notified). 

After church, Tintin, Freny and I drove back to our area where we had lunch at Chili's in Chesapeake, with our friends Mike and Myrna. Had a a good time there, enjoying food and friendship...See photos below.

          Copyright photos 2013 by Chris A. Quilpa

Well, our luncheon at Chili's was a pre-birthday celebration for our daughter Tintin whose birthday will be Tuesday. God bless her with so many more...Thank God, we're alive and well...

At about 5 p.m., Tintin, Freny and I were on the road to D-ville, with loving wife Freny on the wheel. (Tintin has work tomorrow, Monday, so she has to be back in D-ville; whereas Freny is still having a few days left to enjoy her summer vacation before reporting to her school-work next week. But I learned that their students won't be back to school til after Labor Day, September 2, Monday. As for me, I'm okay...trying to live and enjoy life in the present moment. That's what retirement is all about: no set of schedule to follow, no deadline to meet, no regret of the past...)

 Thank God, we arrived in D-ville safe and sound. Thank you, Jesus!

Well, this is all for now. Thanks, everyone, for visiting my blog. Until next time around. Take care and have a nice day, my dear folks and friends. May God bless US and keep US safe from harm always!-chris a. quilpa, 18 August 2013

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