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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday with Family

Good Sunday, everyone! 
Thank God, we're alive and well.
Kids are home since 8.2.2013, Friday.
But they'll be back to their work after this week.
Andrew from The Capital to The Land of Mary. 
Tintin from C-ville to D-ville after their month-long In-service training.

Sunday with family.
At St. Paul's Catholic Church.
In historic downtown Portsmouth.
Greeted fellow parishioners and friends.
Participated in the Sunday Mass with reverence.
Reverend Fr. David, our pastor, was our priest-celebrant.
Praised, prayed, sang, listened to The Good News and Fr. David's homily.
Received the Holy Communion and gave thanks to Jesus and to God.
Then at a Baptist church, in Norfolk where Tintin played piano.
Afterwards, lunch at Taco Bell in Chesapeake where we had Grande Meals.
And family get-together complete with exchanges of ideas and minds and plans.
And photos and photos and photos and photos and photos and photos and photos...
Back home, changed clothes, to laptop, uploaded photos and shared to Facebook, and blogging.
With music and narration from YouTubers, while TV is on in our living room, bright and sunny but cozy.
With summer indulgence in watermelon, red, luscious, seedless, refreshing and cool. 
Life is good. Thanks to Life. Thanks to Love. Thank you, God. 
Copyright 2013 byChris A. Quilpa
04 August 2013

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